New Phone

I have 40k and I want to buy a new phone. Advise me on the best options in the market right now.

Kimbia pale xiaomi shop ujibambe. if not tafuta samsung.

What’s your use case?

Ngoja wale wasee hukuonyesha simu kaa wanaficha tao. Utapata iphone mbichi at 40k.

But xiaomi tu

Buy two phones ( preferablly Samsung- achana mchinku) each costing 20k.
Keep one in the house and only use the other one. Ukipiteza moja katika harakati za ulevi wa Christmas, ukipigwa ngeta ukitoka kuwatch ball ama kuosha rungu kwa lanyez then chukua hio ingine na uendelee na maisha.

Buy a Xiaomi or preferably like @Soprano puts it buy a flagship phone that is not more than two years old i.e Samsung S8, Note 8, Huawei Mate 10 etc…

Unaishi mtaa gani? Nunua nikupige ngeta

Good money. Adjust upwards kidogo tu uchukue this bastard
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niko na samsung a31 brand new na warranty 24k only


  1. True/strong enthusiasm for a powerful and not-ordinary smartphone
  2. Around 40,000/-
  3. A little patience
    I’d head the hell straight away to eBay or, even better, 40K in those sites can buy you a smartphone in mint condition, the likes LG Velvet, LG v60, OnePlus 7t, any in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 legions, etc, etc.

But, of them all, aesthetically, it is the LG Velvet that would make all the guys want to be like you and all the girls want to be with you!!!

40k nunua tray 133 za mayai. Hizo ni 3990 eggs. Chemsha zote na kila yai uuze 20bob. Hapo utakuwa umedouble your 40k in one day. The following day nunua 266trays and repeat the above. In one week utakuwa na stock ya 255,360 boiled eggs and smiling all the way to the bank. In one month unaanza kuchukua order za county mzima

Easier said than done. In this economy wewe na mayai zako mtalilia chooni.

Xiaomi shop iko wapi

Galaxy A71 or Google Pixel 5a

You soeak as if you’re the one laying eggs

Have you bought any phone from Swappa? i know ebay but been skeptical with swappa though just coz i have never used it. How was your experience?

Now there are a lot of good offers for phones on Christmas so for 40k I think that you will be able to buy a note 10 and fell good with it for at least three years further. You can watch for [COLOR=“BLACK”] [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]gadget reviews here, so thus it will be easier to find the most suitable one and not waste a lot of money on it. I have recently bought an s10+ for 38k, so I am sure that for such a sum you can buy almost any phone you would like. I know how hard it is to choose a good phone and not waste all your money, but I can assure you that it only seems so after just a couple of days you will already be able to choose and not regret your choice.

Thanks for the information.

How is this one what’s the cost of the one with an 8gb ram