Didn’t I hear OLX was on its way out a while back?


What else did you hear? Eeeh?

Wawachie nani hiyo pesa ya ads?

Lakini hio interface ni ya UFALA!

@admin ameambukiza OLX ushenzi.

But I always wonder, ni shetani mgani hupeleka watu kuharibu kitu mzuuri kama OLX ya kitambo ama Kenyatalk ya kitambo?

Now they have enabled chatting with the seller/buyer (an interface like the one on WhatsApp PC) if he is online. No need to transfer to email like it was before if you want to test the waters with an offer. Do we have an OLX seller here? There are certain lower limits on offers that you cannot give, I do not know if the seller states his/her last price or the site sets the figure on its own using +/- 20% (Insert any figure here) from asking price or thereabouts.

We have upgraded the website to make it interactive for our sellers. Tell me what you think about our new website.

Hawajawai sikia “If it aint broke (broken) dont fix it!”

There used to be a site RCBowen, one of the pioneer Kenyan forums, fairly basic but user friendly, its layout was copied by other forums and it had survived a couple decades until the day the owner decided to upgrade it. :mad::mad:
It turned out very beautiful but not user friendly, the members complained to no avail so they jumped ship.
It died a slow quiet death…@admin take note

Doesn’t matter if interfaces change all the time.People don’t.
OLX remains home of cons and thieves and Ktalk will never lack…opinionated characters.

Careful now, before you make unsubstantiated claims.
I bought my first cat off OLX.

Unsubstantiated? Nope. Been there and nearly lost cash twice.

eeeh , cat? as in paka?

Ngoja kidogo mama nanii!

I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I and a 99.9% of the other OLX vendors are straightforward honest people.

But I need to ask, what and how were you conned?