New Nduthi, Headlights too bright

Been driving this weekend from Nakuru to Nyeri and back. The road from Nyahururu is smooth. It made it easy for me to test my limits. I noticed that people from Nyeri love SIENTA, passed over [SIZE=5]20[/SIZE] of them on the road.

What I did not like about the trip is driving at night. This road has motorbikes that can make you blind. The headlights are too bright. I had to persevere that and other drivers who use full light when driving. I normally signal you from far, so when you defy I unleash when you approach me- my medicine.

I hope that these Nduthis zitachunguzwa!

They don’t love SIENTA, but niya biashara acts like a matatu.

I also discovered the same when I used the Nyeri - Nairobi highway, past Makutano at night. These guys don’t dim their headlights.

there are also these new bike lights that flash like VIP escort bikes only much brighter. they are very blinding and should be curtailed

kindly note:when you unleash those lights at the oncoming traffic, you’re actually blinding them and this is dangerous…be wise to an extent ukilemewa, slow down kabisa!!!.. Or even pull over wapite!.. Usishindane na wehu!

These lights should actually be regulated. They are too bright especially if you do not have llumar.

They simply don’t know where to press or touch. Just ask a random bodaboda guy.
Hata umchapie full lights plus LED Bar jamaa haezi zima.

Never understood why it is so hard for people to dim lights yet it puts them at risk as well. SMH Unadhani unatesa mwenzako ngoja apoteze mwelekeo kwasababu yako mpatane kati kati

Problem is our roads,lanes are too close

Hio kuchomana na full lights has caused many accidents. Nikikuflash na ukatae kudim your lights, I put on hazard indicators and do as @ziga amesema hapo juu

I like the road markings on the Nyeri - Nairobi road, it makes night driving easier even when idiots don’t dim.

Kwanza those extremely bright long led lights retarded guys are putting above the registration numbers ndio annoying

Na hawa watu wa light bars ni kama anaenda offroad.

I know of a guy after kuanguka mtaro juu ya kuchomwa macho aliweka floodlights juu ya gari .Saai aku blinkie utoe full lights ukatae anawasha floodlights utakiskia .

We have a big problem installing led lights and bars all over naona mpaka watu wa Harrier wana weka kwa roof ya gari then you inconvenience so many people on the road with fancy and dangerous lights.NTSA are turning a blind eye on all this dimwits.
Wengine ni wale wana alter the normal brake lights functioning and instead you have flashing brake light when they step on the brake.Some Kenyans deserve death by drowning .These are the people who cause accidents or make you to drive ine ya barabara.

I have always wondered if those flashing brake lights are even legal

Those contraptions make absolutely no sense both practically and economically coz the bulbs burn out faster.

Kuna Prado niliona thika road na hizo umeffi. The nigga had floodlights and the led bar on. He was behind me I couldn’t even dare look at my side mirrors otherwise mathafaka would have blinded me I just slowed down till he zoomed past me.

This is the worst I’ve done. Good thing they are dimmable.
If you refuse to dip your lights nakumulika hadi oesophagus.
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