New look Pumwani Maternity Hospital

The chokoste gafana is really working.

I would vote this chokosh fella 10 times over that phd guy

True. He is 100 times better.

Kazi mzuri sana ya jubilee

Devolved function. How does Jubilee come in. Give a man credit where it’s due.

Not so fast, let’s see how they maintain it.
Unvieling is easy, maintaining the standards is the tricky bit, that is where our shortcut, crook corrupt ways exhibit our true ways.
Otherwise good job.

Finally now people with financial difficulties due to the expensive Healthcare caused by the currupt government can die under prettier looking curtains, nice job Jubilee

All I can see are brightly colored curtains. Do you have the before photos?

Also note the toilet is not hospital friendly, very tiny(negligible) but no hand rails!

No toilet seat either.

probably looked like this…

probably looked like this…
A lot more needs fixing in our health care system the most basic of which is a complete cultural overhaul, not just for the workers but even for those that manage them. what we saw in kerugoya hosp juzi comes to mind.

toilet seats are harder to disinfect.

Yep, shida tupu.

I don’t know how a woman can use this toilet. Kwangu mimi hushinda nikikumbushwa mambo za toilet seat

kwangu nilisema zisiwekwe.

:oops::oops: aje sasa? These toilets huwa too wide even for Vera Sidikas posterior

let’s just say the behinds fit well on the standard toilet. sijasikia complain.…:D:D:D:D

Oops my bad.The money he used to renovate it he was given by nasa.

For what?I don’t like them.Kila saa kushinda zikingoka mtu akikalia.

The governor is a jubilee member