New laws and more fees for businesses in Kenya

SMEs are required to pay ksh. 4000 to register either as data collectors or data processors and ksh. 2000 every two years. Failure to do that attracts a fine of ksh. 5,000,000.

Whoever who takes over from August should review all these crazy policies used by Uhuru to kill us and our businesses.

All laws are passed by Parliament and not uhuru. So go complain to your MP and ask him why he passed a stupid law.

What is the justification for such laws?

To make it difficult for the “small man” to stand on his feet. Law 11 on 48 Laws of power, “Learn to keep people depend on you”

Ask your MP, he passed the law.

My last election choices largely failed because I was aiming for leaders with integrity.

It is sad that I can not simply ignore the stupidity of my fellow voters because it ends up affecting me in unexpected ways.