New ktalk:One thing admin forgot

@admin you should have made that kenyatalk logo as tiny and as faint as possible. Better ata iwe colourless. Few guys can admit in public that they are members of ktalk. Personally I can’t even open ktalk with my office computer. Other sites like Klist, wazua and skyscraper I can but never ktalk.

But I have to congratulate you for removing those nude kienyeji women people used to see whenever they browse ktalk as visitors.

The lighting feature is also great. Saves time looking for new updates.

Finally reactivate mama shaito’s @aviator handle. Sande


First they pulled down css[ATTACH=full]161101[/ATTACH]

Then they used the default css again of the parent template[ATTACH=full]161102[/ATTACH]

and that is how we landed here now

Admin you should have at least extended the theming a bit and not relied on the defualt css

All threads iko wapi?

@admin weka button ya ‘All Threads’!!

Only good thing is that my handle name is not on top of the page

another thing is not that alerts are no longer as dynamic as they used to be. I have to refresh to see them. And last time I would just hover over the alerts and preview all the alerts even if previously read.

Hii ndio kaanan?:stuck_out_tongue:

What has mama shaito got to do with the upgrade/downgrade or whatever?
And by the way has anyone shown @FieldMarshal CouchP how to log in.
Am afraid we are going to lose some members that way.

Also na voters card?

I can’t log in using opera mini. I click on log in button it refreshes but its ineffective

how comes I do not have that lightning feature?


Ata handle yako is visible. Tupa hiyo mkebe

am on a laptop using chrome

Bring back @aviator and eliminate @GeorginaMakena handle ;);):rolleyes::rolleyes:, ama they ain’t one and the same

Logo itakaa hivo. Admin needs nv wa-signpup. I am proud to be on ktalk. When I become president of the republic I will include my eldership in acceptance speech. I will even tell my handle. Saa hii sitasema najuanga vile mna kijicho.

I am using chrome on my tablet and i dont have the lightening icon…

I have logged in on mobile and it seems these new changes were optimized for mobile browsing. Got to admit browsing on phone seems better than on laptop with the changes.

Irudishwe na si tafathari/tafadhari

Desktop layout iko na sida … your handle is always visible at the top.

@Deorro priss ficha hiyo