New & Improved Irreducible Minimums

He said unless President Uhuru Kenyatta reaches out to him in person, he will go ahead with his swearing-in ceremony next Tuesday.

“Let them charge me for treason. I am ready,” he told envoys led by US ambassador Robert Godec on Friday.

The NASA leader met with them a day after telling the US off for interfering with Kenya’s affairs.

He told the US on Thursday that the country and its citizens can solve their own problems and need not be told to abide by the constitution.

This guy is so desperate and frustrated. UhuRuto continue to ignore him and the West has no sympathy left to accommodate his mood swings. The saddest part is that the parade of coffins yesterday yielded very little attention.

Looks like only provoking a massacre on 12/12 could work, but Jubilee and the uniformed corps are ready for anything.

Remember when he wanted UN to come conduct elections? :smiley:

Remember when he went to US to see “big people”? :smiley:

Remember when he said “no elections on 26th”? :smiley:

Remember when he told the iebc “irreducible minimum”? :smiley:

Guess what will happen next?

Aapishwe haraka tuende mazishi kuhakikisha ametuondokea kabisaa.


nilisema kuna wakati mtu huachwa aendelee aonekane ujinga wake umefika wapi. saa hii wakenya wanafikiria vile pesa ya nguo ya Krisi 'tapatikana…

I watched in amazement as people who usually are each other customers in many aspects were busy chopping and stabbing each other. As they welcomed jakuon from a wild goose chase, politics is the new opium of the masses.

This guy should be allowed to swear himself in as president of whatever or wherever he wants…azunguke zunguke akichoka akalale.

Because all these tantrums are really about pushing for dialogue and arresting him will just give him mileage and more publicity

Kwani akiachwa atafanya nini?

Hii ni muthurwa na machakos bus stage?

Nyamakima stage.

big baby throwing tantrums hoping mommy will take interest. but the rat’s actions d not suprise me. he has always been a narcissist mad man. what baffles me is the conduct of those around him. makes me wonder whether there are contagious mental illnesses.


We’re with Baba to the end
:D:D :D:D.

The 5½th President of the republic

I am not seeing any "[SIZE=3]New & Improved Irreducible Minimums’’ in the article!!![/SIZE]

"President Uhuru Kenyatta reaches out to him in person"

U nailed it. Jamaa apewe macho tu, no need to arrest the Douche, but, let the event organisers, and whomever swears him in, face the full wrarh of the law.

He he

…crying for some attention.

He jas already acknowledged uhuru as the president…hayo mengine ni vitisho tu. He is breaking down amd must recognise

It’s really shameful when you have thrown earth-shaking tantrums with little success and have been reduced to “I will give it to you but you have to ask me in English. Ok in Swa. Uhm…sheng is also acceptable” and still no one bites. That’s the kind of thing that eats at your ego.

I have a feeling that if Uhuru “reached out”, his language would make a sailor blush. I believe the lashing out at zero-Joho we saw is the real Uhuru - take no prisoners.