New Governance System in Kenya

Guys relax. You’re debating with a guy who can only see Raila. It’s how his followers are.
Next election is 2022. At that time, we’ll be electing William.

Even if you changed the voting system ( Presidential to Parliamentary), the result would be the same. If you claim votes were stolen, they would still be stolen anyway. Continuously changing systems doesnt really fix any underlying issues.


Tell me something new. Kenyan politics are based on tribal mathematics.

I’m assuming the low voter turnout was as a result of unmotivated bots. Poor argument you have there


baba’s 70% of Kenyans obeyed his call to resist voting

70%?:D:D:D You are funny

Kenya definitely has many challenges but Raila, Uhuru, Mudavadi, Ruto or Kalonzo are not the solution. Until we realize that and vote new leaders apart from these, our problems will still continue ravaging us a nation

Ask the luo tribal king how he hopes to become president when his village boys are not even registered voters.

Please read widely

Wacha kujifanya hapa kutajataja watu. Raila is the biggest tribal king this country has ever witnessed. And the biggest hypocrite at that. This time he lost fair and square. Even the parliamentary, senatorial and civic electoral numbers will tell you that, but what does he do? Shamelessly read some fake msql server logs to the world claiming electoral fraud. But God cannot be conned, and neither can he allow Kenyans to be conned. Then he incites people to their deaths only for him to shed some crocodile tears over their coffins. God is watching. He will die a very bitter loser.

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Uhuru is the leader of the largest party and President of Kenya. What would the difference be if we called him Prime Minister?

@Shaaban , e.g Japan, prime ministers change constantly.

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Because PMs are indirectly elected by people’s representatives eg MPs, senators…while Presidents are directly elected

Our problem is that we are pretenders. Our system is okay, Kenyans are the problem We need to change.

Parliamentary system would be a disaster. Those greedy mpigs would keep threatening the executive right to the highest remuneration in the whole world

Uko sahihi!