New Governance System in Kenya

I am a strong proponent of parliamentary system over presidential system especially in a nation like ours always filled with allegations of vote rigging. I think we should adopt a parliamentary system of government where the leader of the largest party becomes the prime minister and head of state and government . This will eliminate vote rigging issue because the citizens wont vote fro president but mps and governors only. if one claims that many mps were rigged in, he can petition in the courts and by election will be done and if party wins majority he will take over government. Politicians will thus be able to compete through parties and the citizens will be spared the agony of the electoral process of having to deal with allegations of rigged elections. For inclusivity he should also be deputized by two deputy prime minister and should select ministers from the national assembly. I will also propose we reduce the number of counties by merging ethnically homogeneous counties so as to reduce cost of governance, increase economic viability and sustenance and reduce tensions that would arise from merging ethnically diverse counties. Counties such as Bomet Kericho or Nyamira Kisii or Kajiado Narok or Nandi Uasin Gishu or Kakamega Vihiga Bungoma or Siaya Kisumu Homabay or Nyeri Kirinyaga, Nyandarua, Muranga or Mandera, Garissa Wajir and many others should be merged because they have got the same ethnic prominence. We should also increase allocations to county governments that is 40% of revenue and increase the functions of county governments such as allow them to be in charge of secondary education and primary education and only employ teachers deployed to them by a Teachers Service Commission, The counties should also be in charge of national park and game parks and we develop a revenue sharing formula whereby a county retains 40% of the revenue from its resources such as Tea products, dairy products and other economic activities in the counties while 60% goes to the national government. I think we should also scrap nairobi county and let it be a capital city territory under the jurisdiction of national government. We should also rename our counties and do away with tribal names such as kisii, nandi pokot and let have names that does not reflect tribal identities. if we do this i think we shall have solved our major challenges half way. What is your take?

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Tribalism is as a result of bad governance.

What do you mean?

Mbona TZ hakuna tribalism? Governance governance

Tribalism is a problem in Kenya but now since it is there and we cannot ran away from it we have got to devise a way to deal with it. That is my proposal up there

How does this solve the election of a Tribal King like Uhuru Kenyatta who won the election on the basis that Kalenjin and Kikuyu tribes voted for him?

The main thing it solves first is that it remove the claims by people like Raila that elections were stolen because people dont vote for president. The second thing it does is that it will create inclusive government through coalitions and appointment of members of an opposition party into government. The issue of tribalism (people voting for their own tribe) that cannot be changed by legislation. it is a cultural thing and it will take time to change. Democracy grows with time. But what we can do meanwhile is we ensure we have inclusive government both in terms of resources and people and we also do away with the issue or claims of electoral rigging which i believe parliamentary system does. Lets assume parliamentary system was in place…would Raila be claiming now his victory was stolen… i submit no he will just eat the humble pie and accept defeat

oh yes! It’s only kikuyus and kalenjins who voted for him. So Kikuyus voted in Nyamira? Uko na ujinga msee


Correct parts

  1. Do away with tribal county names

Wrong parts

  1. Everything else.

While I agree with the parliamentary system, sitaki kusikia county ipewe 40%. Of what? What the National Govt collects? They should collect their own money. 15% is fine. That they’re always begging the NG to “release funds” is testament that they have done nothing to improve the lives of those in the counties.

So no. The counties should start by accepting that they have a mandate that is not tied to the NG. When they do that, then we can talk.

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You are trying to play around with words. I am talking of the reality/what happened and not theoretical constructs. Let me put it this way so that you grasp the point.

“Bila kura ya wakikuyu na wakalenjin Uhuru hangekuwa rais”

That’s the reality. If you want to challenge that with quotes on votes he garnered in Marsabit or Nyamira it’s up to you. But this is the truth.

On his inauguration, I choked on my coffee when Ruto, the corruption high priest, claimed that the election campaign was issue based rather than tribal. Seems you belong to the same school of thought. Isokey.

You call him high priest only because Raila called him high priest. See your life.

Bila ujinga ya wajaluo kuharibu Mali, ojinga angekua rais


Hmm…not quite. I said here long ago that some talkers worship at Uhuru’s tabernacle and Ruto is the high priest. I don’t know if Raila has talked about Uhuru’s tabernacle yet but these are words straight from my mouth.

I believe that Raila is Kenya’s best bet but I do not worship him. I am not comparable to people like @gashwin or @Dunya who downplay the impact of corruption on our country by labelling it as a "“tired narrative”

So if you hear someone talk of Uhuru’s tabernacle remember you heard it from me first! Cheers.

How can someone be best bet when he does not respect democratically established institutions. He celebrated Maraga ruling at fast then later condemned it. I call it double speak at best. He is a selfish, bully, egoistic, barbaric dictator and nothing else. The only thing Raila know is himself and nothing else

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Trying to get a reaction from me? Pole sana.

Give me a revolutionary leader that followed the constitution to the letter and brought significant change to mankind and I will give you 50 that didn’t. You must have been against the ouster of Mugabe because the constitution wasn’t followed and by that extension all revolutions that have ever happened since (I believe) none was constitutional.

In America when leaders are defeated in an election despite allegation of vote rigging such as hillary clinton vs donal trump people respect the verdict of institutions. This gives institutions time to develop, straighten and correct their mistakes. This is not like your leader who chases IEBC every 5 years. I hear he now has plan to chase again not only IEBC but Supreme Court, Public Service Commission, Police Force and many others. So will these institutions ever develop if there are chased out every electoral season just because one cannot win an election


Look at all those institutions you mentioned. Don’t they reek of corruption? Don’t we need change, real change? The few changes they have made, haven’t they been because of Raila’s industry and resilience?

Even the president has in the past blamed these institutions you talk of for putting road blocks to the fight against corruption. Uhuru is a weak president, that is why Raila will run circles around him till 2022. He cannot deal with these institutions because he believes he has no power and has said so himself. The only hope is in the opposition! The ultimate Kenyan leader awaits on the sidelines. He is no coward and his turn will come.

It’s computers that voted don’t ya know? Humans voted for baba totally

A presidential system is that the head of state is usually elected through a direct mandate. In terms of democracy, this makes the president’s authority more legitimate as he is elected directly by the people as opposed to being appointed indirectly. Another advantage of a presidential system is the stability it brings as presidents are usually elected to fixed terms while a prime minister’s government can fall at any time.