New friend

New friend sister @TrumanCapote is 31. Tell me she cannot find husband. I ask what you do in 20s? She says she dated many men

Of course you can’t find good husband. You a slut.


Kwanza your dad was one of my many, many, many boyfriends. Do you want me to tell you about his size and his performance ama? I have the evidence.

Kwani kuna ubaya gani mtu akiwa slut? Si Kuma ni yangu? Ama you bought shares and I wasn’t aware? Remind me, I am getting old I can’t remember these things.

The reality is that niliona kuolewa ni utumwa. Hakuna benefit kwangu. Plus the way married women are so frustrated by their so called husbands. Thinking pastor’s ndio wazuri angalau. I was told men are the same. Sasa ata kama ni wewe, utaenda kuingia kwa shimo umeona wengine wakililia? I’m very soft hearted siezani na stress za wanaume mimi. Just recently a man proposed to me, nikamshow I have phobia for marriage(a man my age is someone who has enough baggage, sasa mimi nimekaa poa I’ve avoided all the messes alafu uniletee messes zako ati in the name of unanioa? Kwani kuolewa ni kwenda mbinguni. The way women are crying to me daily, bwana amepea Dada zao ball, Mara mbotch, Mara student, forcing them to take loans . Aki siwesimeki. Kuna mwenye hata alijiua . But I can’t risk my peace of mind to save a life coz all men especially black men are good pretenders until wakuingize box ndio utawajua their real colors.

And FYI I am not 31,I am 65. Please add any other comments you want to add you baboon, before I block you. Mamako ni Malaya ndio unashinda ukitusi watu hapa who are not whoring around like your mother. Btw married women are the biggest sluts myna wafrustrate then they come to be ferked in cars, offices and toilets, starting with your own mother who is such a hoe ukimpea 150 only atapea mbwa mkia dry fry. Usiniletee machungu kama mamako ni Malaya wa peni mbili. Hadi mbwa. It’s not my fault your mother is a whore. So nimekublock tafuta handle ingine.