New Egyptian tomb opened.

From the pictures inside it seems that Africans of black descent used to wash sexual elements of Egyptian nobles.


kihìì saa ii nko na wewe…ng’oa nliPost gatii gaka

Iko wapi post elder

@Purple tuma kihìi siberia na unipee funguo plis Dr. madam

yenyewe we ni ngori.,
jina kihìì mpaka ki vietanames na ki-turkana iko censored

and the fag:D
@Ngimanene na matharo

Sioni shida hapa… subsaharans were placed below arabia for a reason

sawa juan mcooshote

sawa juan mcooshite

idiot meffi post , the black people were surgeons na hio ni circumcision… dont forget black people did surgery and c-section hapa buganda… crazy stuff… you can see ameshikwa mikono ndio surgeon @LuandaMagere acheze kama yeye…

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If you look closely… The blacks in the picture looks like Somalis doing the dirty job.

So, you are an expert at Egyptian hieroglyphics? Better than them? Tumia Ubongo elder. Usifikirie kichwa ni scarf.

This Scrotum fellow is something else.

that’s circumcision

Those are kaleos. If you know you know

You know little about Dynastic Egypt and probably nothing about pre-dynastic Khemet.

Then, The gods resided in Egypt

Which God’s Sire?

Ra, the creator, god of actions, ciiRa, ciaRa, ceeRa, coRa, Rathimwo, Rakara, all aspects of Ra are in all words containing R.

That’s a new one I thought they were Giants…ng’ano cia Marîmû.