New Delhi gas chamber
New Delhi is experiencing massive air pollution with toxicity levels of 500mg/m3 while WHO recommends 25mg/m3 maximum toxicity. This has been caused by what the Chief Minister claims to be burning of plants in neighboring states.

Na tunasema Nairobi ni kuchafu

When kina Spear and their necessary coal plants are done with Kenya this will be our situation.

Been to this city and Mumbai on business. Everyday they have AQI (air quality index) weather advisories. On certain days it gets so bad that cars based on their plate numbers are not allowed on the roads or people told to stay home.

When flying in, sometimes the smog is so bad that just before landing on a clear sunny day you can barely see the scenery below when approaching. Sad.

Which plants? Mimea ama viwanda?

Indians are doing this to Kenya on a smaller scale in the name of creating jobs. NEMA is in their pockets.

Chinese companies are doing more harm yet they are just starting. But all in all both are participants in the damage of Nairobi-Athi rivers

Yes coal plants, chemical industry and petroleum powered cars/trains will be recipe for distaster.

Nairobi iko sawa lakini magari ikiongezeka tutatii!!

indians in africa and the carribean islands live like kings … kumbe kwao ni sh*thole…

Both but in this case he is talking about botanic plants. It is known as stubble burning where farmers burn up all the post harvest waste from plants. Other causes of pollution include biomass like cow dung, leather tanerries, motor vehicles etc. Ikija ni ile mmea ingine hio haileti pollution plus ni multipurpose.

Yes checkout documentaries of Bihar and Dharavi slums utaona reality.

Mumbai has its share of pollution, in fact there is a river called Mahim where everybody goes to do his/her business yet they wash clothes on the same river. It is interesting to note how cheap the cost of living is there also Kenyans go there to seek treatment. Beyond pollution, with all the tuktuks, street vendors, narrow streets and tropical heat the city has a lot of similarities with Mombasa.

You mean wanakata weight kwa river alafu watu wa huko down river wanakunyea hio maji?

Hapo kwa kunywa siko sure lakini wanafulia na kuogelea hapo ata pale Mathare iko hivo pia.

Athiriver must be at that 500 mg/m3. You can always feel the corrosive stench at night.

I think it’s best to find a way to get out of the big cities and even countries where the air is polluted. A lot of megalopolises are pretty dangerous to live in. Yeah, probably my words are pretty ECO activist, however, I think that good health depends on the realization of ourselves. Since I live in the US, usually I use an air quality monitors that help me to get out of dangerous areas. Usually, I get to know the product from the site that helped me to understand the basics. Right now, I live in the forest and actually trying to avoid the pollution areas,

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