New club on River road

There is a new joint on River road by the name Drifters opposite Delfirm Hotel …
Members are urged to visit the place n come back with reviews…

Haina lanye… that’s what you wanna know I guess!!

Judging by the hideous landwhales you post here, I think it’s in my best interests to give it a hard pass.

Ungepitia hapo urudi na hekaya meffi wewe

Its a big club…same lanyes from the likes of VIP goodhope etc have moved there

sundays kuna reggee shida ni ma odi wako wengi simu itaenda

New mwea irrigation scheme I bet. PASSSS!!

What landmark is near the two clubs. Sijaskia any of the two

Kama kuna landwhales mambo safi

River Road Street- where it all happens. Rivarori ukipenda

kwft bank

Hiyo club iko wapi excact on River road need to give it a trial

Hapo makuro hutegea opposite

Karibu na Nyandarua ama



I passed by Drifters yesterday and as a pussyzologist I cant recommend that place kabisa,


Haha why not?