New City Shuttle "Bendy Buses"

[ATTACH=full]58619[/ATTACH] I have seen a couple of them in town and I must say they look really good.
My only concern is are they safe on our poorly designed roads?I know London stopped using them a few years ago due to the same issues.
Anyway for anyone who has not seen them here is a picture.

hii niriona last year

Mbona tupenda kusema poorly designed roads? Ushawai enda juba uone poor roads. Please use another word., poor is too heavy a word



Poor in terms of the times we are leaving in…if it’s any consolation even big cities like London have similar issues.

that title has a lot of mistakes, please correct kabla osungu 2nd Infantry battalion ifike

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Huyu ni Ranjit ananyemelea matatu sector kisniper.

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I can imagine the feeling of the passengers on the rear wagon with the bus hurtling down Valley Road at +80kph

ziko Berlin

this buses should be using a special lanes otherwise it beats logic, how do you implement a rapid bus transport system and still use the same lanes as the normal traffic

This is just a problem awaiting its boiling point
The problem they will face is congestion, the only way our roads can ever be safe is if the CBD is decongested and most resources decentralised so that PSVs do not jam passage ways in and out of there. We have the solutions, we USE TURTLE run intelligence to execute them…

Underground railroad zikwom, matatu zipunguzwe alafu tax za ufala kama za London ziwe introduced

CBD congestion fee in London is almost 1700 Kenya shillings per day, ikifika hapo traffic itaisha NRB

Per day? Hehehe. Naona watu wakiumia

yes per day, its punitive, applicable Monday to Friday between 7AM and 6PM , if they were to apply the same model in NRB, 90% of personal vehicles would be parked and only driven out on weekends, would be the end of this story of seeing 3 separate vehicles from the same family on the road (man leaves in his own, wife on her own and a 3rd for taking kids to school )

Public transport only works well when it’s run by a public body in our case the Nairobi county otherwise when left to private citizens then it’s bound to be chaotic because they are only interested in maximizing profits!
I believe even a PPP can work well in Nairobi but leaving entirely on private citizens is not prudent.

Because of hii tibia ya lane-splitting hii bus naona itafinya wananduthi wengi sana.