New Changes Brought By Covid19

  1. Hotel and Restaurant workers required to have Covid19 Negative Status Certificate just like typhoid and cholera

  2. Nairobi Hospital to charge 10K to test private citizens for corona virus.

  3. Kenya Police have a reasoning capacity equivalent to that of a bedbug or a garden cockroach. They teargassed health workers today.

  4. You will not travel to Asia, EU or the US without WHO certified Covid19 certificate

10 k to charge what ? I thought KEMRI developed kits to test the virus. how many test centers are there country wide ?

No such certificate currently exists

It is coming. Note this listing

Found out there was nothing like that.

I don’t like how it sounds…but you could be technically correct

I think they called it the Covid-19 Immunity Card/passport for any form of travel to the US,Asia and Europe.

Bill gates and 666 agenda of one world.
Huku hata @admin ataingizwa hiyo njama tujikute siberia

Garden cockroach:D:D.

Correction it will be a Ministry of health COVID-19 book similar to the yellow book.