Mucheru,Macharia, Keter, Matiangi is now CS Internal Security but Ag Education as at this point, Balala, Rotich retained as CS,retained to be reassigned.

Head of PS Kinyua,deputy wanyama musyambo,Nzioka Waita

CS newbies Munyes,Tobiako,Yatani nominated for vetting

State house Controller Kinuthia Mbugua

Former one now an ambassador to Netherlands

Police changes - Arachi, Kitili,Ndegwa Muhoro deployed to PSC for further redeployment

Njoroge Mbugua, Noor Gabau, Kinoti Maingi replace the above respectively
after consultation with IPOA and the IG.

The list is not comprehensive.The rest will come in coming weeks.

Merus are doing well. Nrb County Commish,Govt spokesman and now Chief of CID. Awesome!

Goood lawd. Ahsande Uhuru for letting Kiunjuri to keti pare ---------->>>. Hiyo jinga imetusumbua sana pale Laikipia.

Does it mean Amina Mohammed was not retained?

Btw even during Kibaki’s time Meru’s we’re doing also quite well.

That guy is a nut case ni hayo tu

Siangepee matiangi all cabinet posts …I’m sure anaweza

Kibaki is a meru

That guy is a nut case ni hayo tu


There’s also the other guy from Meru. Hiyo ngombe ilikuwa tu ya kukula mshahara. Anafaa arudi lecture hall pale UON.
I also don’t regard Masharia and the finance guys as perfomers anyway

I will wait for the official cabinet announcement before I say anything.

Keriako Tobiko already has a high profile job though his performance is crap.
Why give him another?
Do we have a shortage of qualified and deserving Kenyans.

Hikio na Kaimenyi should not feature anywhere

Because he did his part in frustrating the opposition. He’s getting rewarded.

Amewasumbua vipi? I doubt he will be dropped from the cabinet.

This nonsense has to stop!eti meru are doing well!!kwani si wakenya!any kenyan given an opportunity to work should be viewed as a kenyan period!

Keter and Rotich are Ruto henchmen,infact even ChirChir naona akirudishwa as CS.

Sijawahi elewa kwa nini Former Education now Lands CS Kaimenyi stays put maybe bcz PSC boss ni Mumeru buh naskia Njuri Nceeke walishinikiza prezo to appoint a replacement for him bcz hajawaridhisha.

Weka bet. @uwesmake can hold the monies.

Hehehe sisi apana white men, Africans have tribes na haijasemwa kwa ubaya it’s just an observation

It could be his ineffectiveness is highly valued ama?