New Bugesera International Airport in Rwanda


This is a visionary leader

A leader with a vision unlike our man eat man leaders hapa ke… Vacation destination hii mwaka ni rwanda

Acha spear akuje aitwe dictator coz anashine kuliko ruto

Chinese guy smiling knowing tender iko kwa mfuko.

Paul Kagame is doing well but he is a [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]dictator. Let him try any of this with a full democracy kama Kenya and then tuone how much he can accomplish

Very much what we lack in Vumbistan. Kenya will soon be overtaken by our neighbors in the next decade and they will start questioning when did it start raining.

Haters said the airport is too small, sasa si watasema it’s too big?

Don’t try to meddle. Wait till WSR’s Tanga Tanga take over ndiye utajua ujui dictatorship without ndevelopmen ni nini, mjinga. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always place you up but with such comments makes me question my judgements

Ruto will not be able to cage Kenyans to accept dictatorship unless he is willing to kill thousands of us in the process. We have tasted freedom and we want more and more of it.

Do you really believe he would have achieved this fast development if there was a strong opposition in Rwanda? You know your answer

Point of correction. Its the third picture. That middle picture has nothing to do with Rwanda.

Kibaki achieved alot in his first term despite the constant politicking especially after the referendum debate begun in 2005, Gatheca would have surpassed the Old Man if he had remained focused and chosen to clamp down on theft and wastage of public resources, there is no project that has failed to takeoff because of the opposition, ata NYS despite the scandals is still around, proof of the tremendous goodwill Jubilee has enjoyed from Kenyans.

If Kagame was PORK, he would have an easier time than he has had in Rwanda, as long as Kenyans can make some money, enjoy their alcohol and are free to bang like rabbits they wont overrun statehouse

Where are the women? Hapan tambua airport bila Rwandese women

No corruption - progress

Small with 4 jet bridges , not so bad but very small

Ulizaliwa after 1990, sindio?

It must be strange to Kenyans to learn that it will be built on time and on budget

We need a Kagame in Kenya