New bank notes

Sijui kama mmeona hii, kama mmeona, oneni tena chieth.
How the new bank notes might look like

time to start saving up on the old notes and pinning them on the wall

Tungeweka coin mzito ya 50 at least traffic wawe wakisweat kuipeleka nyumbani.

Kwani ni euro. Tunataka ya Vachina…

Wako kwa njia,

This designs were made by mraiya flani I think last year

Hizo zilikuwa concept ya designer flani.

Labda itakuwa hizi…



The best looking notes were Kenyatta’s and Moi’s. Za Kibaki didn’t look good at all. I don’t know why we can’t honour our 1st two presidents. What was the explanation given to change them? I missed that debate

Na sasa how will we verify fakes from originals. Hapa naona conmen having a field day before tuchanuke

Apart from ile coin ya 40 ubako ako place ingine ?

I meant that one.

Looks futuristic, but then, why have a lion on a 100 note and a zebra on 500 note. It should be the other way.

the fake new notes were discussed here last year.

anyway, here is a link for the NVs

But za moi zilikuwa noma sana i have this small collection [ATTACH=full]201693[/ATTACH]

Whats the logic of this reasoning? Punda milia ni more precious than simba?

Sio hamsini siku hizi ni mia.

Ndo nashanga cop mgani anachukua chwani saa ii…

Problem with Kenyan notes ,its not even the colour but the size. wapunguze size kwanza

They look like college brochures

Thao inafaa kukuja na A4 kwanza, ndio kina ngiritas na saloonist wasibebe Kwa paperbags…