New Africa superpower


If Arab nations in Africa collaborated with bonobo Africans nakwambia we can go far coz we can be supplying them with materials and they leverage their connections. It’s a win win.

Egypt is a great country. Remember its a middle Eastern country(Asia) with extension in Africa. Of coz you know the economic status in middle east.


If age mattered, this would be the richest country in the world. How tables turn!

hamko serious elders, ii kijiji imekua mchezo kwenu. Egypt husurvive na pesa ya msaada kutoka US, itakuwaje superpower? Tukuwe serious zile vitu tunapost hapa.


GDP ya 2022 wamehesabu aje na mwaka ndio inaanza?

Gen: Paul Kagame has proved that a nation does not have to be big , rich or industrialized for it’s population to enjoy Peace , Prosperity and Progress …


In about 2 decades , Rwanda came out of devastation into an enviable position on Africa’s map …

Egypt is in Africa

Guys, you are either ignorant or joking. Egypt is very developed by african standards. Furthermore receiving aid doesnt make one a lame. Even some developed nations receive some kind of aid, not necessarily money. Cairo metropolitan area is home to 21 million people which is almost half of kenyas population.

[SIZE=7]Why Nigeria will Become Africa’s First Global Superpower![/SIZE]

Thats obvious, but its a transcontinental country. Its in Africa since the larger part is in Africa, but Sinai peninsula is part of Egypt within Asia.

Nigeria? Of all countries??

Banae. The guy said “African Superpower”, not global superpower. For example Githunguri is a superpower in Kiambu, Kibera is a superpower compared to Kondele, and Githurai si the superest power in phone theft

msizubae na optics wadau ,lazima tuone far

Egypt is in the middle East