NEW: Afghan refugee fatally stabs two women for contravening Islamic law in Germany. More to follow

Enyewe mzungu is dead like a dodo. How do you admit these fuckers into your countries? These fuckers have the most archaic beliefs ever. Hata kama waliwasaidia leave them to deal with the Taliban. After all they would be importing their weird beliefs into your countries and in turn they would turn them into the shitholes they escaped. Mimi wacha nikule popcorns in peace as I watch the Islamic bonobos butcher you.


@Bingwa Scrotum its another one of your cousins.

Habari ya Sunday @patco ?

Muslim and Islam are the most retarded mafwi in the whole wide world

This reminds me of a famous speech by President Kennedy. Ich bin ein Berliner “I am a Berliner”)

Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was civis romanus sum [“I am a Roman citizen”].
Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner!”…
All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and therefore, as a free man
I take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

MGTOW= FREEDOM… whenever you have a leftist government in power , women suffer the most…ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

That man knew very well how women in the west dress and behave but bonobo iliamua kuenda uko.
If they want sharia law then they should have migrated to Saudi Arabia or UAE.

How about report from your shagz? Whos dog did the sh!t on your gate?

No idea?

And this is just an immigrant. Wait till they give birth and bring forth the entitled 1st generation. There is a reason rich Muslim countries like UAE, etc never take fellow Muslim refugees. They want them to move and conquer non Muslim places. Given their higher birth rates, in a few decades most of Europe will be under Islam.

The Muslim women are relieved to be in Germany ndio warelax.

Hizo maumbwa zingeachwa tu zikufie huko. Mbona Saudi haikuchukua refugees?

Christians tu napenda kujifanya wazuri sana.

Watu wakule kwao. [SIZE=1]circa @Bingwa Scrotum 1995 A ya mlango wa nyuma.[/SIZE]

Religion of peace they say

They will never move there. Bleeding heart liberals never ask themselves why these people never move to prosperous Islamic countries in the path of their migration and why even Turkey is beginning to shut them out.

@patco is busy flipping burgers in downtown Seattle before finishing and running to attend his Doordash gig and later on atareport to Westlake Center for his sentry job. America ni kujituma bana

Hapa ndio napendea china , those mofos need reeducation camps

Wacha hio; the bonobo escaped sharia law in Afghanistan to go implement it in Germany. You can’t make this shot up.

How is this surprising? people in war torn shitholes don’t exactly spend their time singing kumbaya and holding hands

You mean zile Uyghur camp za China. Those camps are not a joke, naskia huko ni kama gulag. Infact I was very surprised to hear the Taliban want to work with the Chinese despite knowing how they treat Muslims/Islam in China.

Let them face the music