Never speak ill of your exes

I’m not saying that exes are angels. They have faults that drove you away from them but they served a purpose to help you grow and know better so that in the future you will make better decisions. They were a catalyst to your growth. How do I mean? You attract people into your life to learn or change or grow something in you. Well when you begun dating them you thought highly but at the end your standards were higher so you left. That means without those exes you wouldn’t be who you are now. They helped you grow into a better person. More compassionate but with higher standards of what you will condone in your life. They teach you to love yourself more and as such they are not enemies.

If you see someone talking shit about their exe they are yet to outgrow their exe. Some more healing needs to happen. Don’t be bitter with exes they are that jalopy that got you from point A to B. Remember always that, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. If you are still madd you haven’t outgrown them and you need to grieve and move on. Remember that time wounds all heels. You are wounded, go heal yourself. Don’t lash out. May anyone I have ever dated rest in peace bcz I will never expose your fault to the public bcz if I dated someone with those faults that was my level then. So it’d be like insulting the younger me who fell for you or dated you for whatever reason. Si you helped me grow to where I moved from you are the shit, to what the heck am I doing with this person? So I won’t bitch about you bcz at the appointed time I left after learning the lessons I needed to help me grow thanks to you. As it is said, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I have the benefit of two exes death. Nothing gives you perspective like death. It’s just never that serious that you need to write a song dissing exes. This life is too short for this mess. Let’s learn to move on even when the exe is toxic don’t give them the attention they’re provoking you to give. Be the bigger person and ignore. Trust me it’s more empowering than anything you could ever have said or done. Shut them out of your life and you won’t become bitter.