Never settle for ordinary love says Lillian Muli

Always choose yourself. In every way, every day. This is after a broken marriage and a 2nd baby daddy. People take time to learn these things. I don’t blame her. If it’s good it’s great if it’s bad it’s experience.

Society has its expectations but the only person who knows what’s best for you is you. After her marriage ended she got desperate and ended up in another ditch. Now she has realized that she deserves more and she won’t be settling for less.

If I was to tell you what women go through in the name of love you’d be appalled but it’s their choice, their journey and their lesson to learn, in their own time. I know what it’s like when everyone is so impressed with your relationship but you are suffocating. That’s why I go the extra mile to keep my fences in place because it’s so easy to get sucked into toxic relationshits and marriage ukidanganya unapendwa when in reality you are just being used. Yaani mtu umemzalia watoto hakujali, he can never go out of his way for you but you are jumping through hoops to please him, to please a society that couldn’t care less about you.

The most important person to you in this world is you. When you are putting someone ahead of yourself particularly men then you are sending yourself a message that you are not as important to yourself as men are. I know society teaches us to be matryrs but we must put ourselves first.

If you don’t know how, just watch men, they always want the best for themselves no matter how long it will take and they never settle for less. They will never do anything for anyone if they are getting nothing out it. Just ask yourself what would I do if I was a man? Would I hook up with a promiscuous, broke woman who wants to move in with me and then ask me to take loans for her in my name? Fake it until you make it. As a woman you are so vulnerable to so many things that is why you should be more selfish than even men, to protect yourself from being used and abused.

Those who feel like because you are divorcee with 2 kids it’s now time to take whoever steps up to you seeing you as low hanging fruit, no man thinks that way about himselof even if he’s got 15 baby mommas he’s still looking to get a virgin. Talk about self love. Usikubali takataka kwa Maisha yako with absolutely nothing to offer you except a penis ati bcz you are a single mom. You still deserve the best bcz it’s not coming for free, you will put alot into the relationship which you can as well better invested on the people who love you like your family and your kids. Always look at Return On Investment before accepting proposals from men. Are they worth your time, your TLC, what do they have to offer, if there’s nothing but to use you, say a resounding NO do not get carried away with the dream and the emotions and desperation fueled by society. It’s supposed to be an upgrade if it’s not walk away. You will have less regrets. I’m glad she wised up. She deserves better.

There are chics who carry themselves like a million dollars and they look the part and they carry the act well and it suits them. Then kuna wengine unaangalia msichana wa wenyewe na unajiuliza kama yuko na kichaa. Msichana @cortedivoire hawezi lipia more than 200 na anataka kujibeba a million dinar.

Nothing is dangerous like a wounded pig.

so after the coochie has lost value suddenly men are trash:D:D:Dfeminism is a disaster

Too late for her. And many other kamba ladies.

Sasa nani atachukua yeye with a her two kids belonging to two different baby daddies surely. That very fact screams she is trouble. Just like you @TrumanCapote ,she is suffering from delusions of grandeur.


Hizi ni signs za paka mzee

She’s got the thousand cock stare

Twice divorced. Probably something wrong with her.

Proverbs 21:9

if it is a 20-22 yr old childless chic saying that you should not settle for ordinary love then i guess she would have a much bigger audience.

According to Benjamin Zulu about the only thing a pre 25 knows is how to wipe her nose. Lillian has been through the mill of love, old love, new love, every love but true love.

First of all, screw that guy…

First of all, it’s true: a handful of pre-25’s know what a relationship is.

How many followers do you have?

none, i bet you have thousands of them…right?:D:D:D

unlike the latter who have had their fun na mileage imefika Kabul ndio anataka kusettle.

Check your followers here and check mine. Then check Benjamin Zulu. :stuck_out_tongue: