Never Reason with a Mad Man, Wacha aende


summarty. inasema nini


Noma sana, that Mbukinya driver must have dungad himself some dangerously illegal stuff, na akaongezea ile Redbull mwitu ya 50 bob yenye @Notapeoplesguy hutumia.

Kigonyi wa kuenda masafa marefu ni machizi kaa wote

When I get myself in road rage incidents I just count to 10 , then a few breaths later niko sawa , 10 minute later I start thinking what if I had escalated the situation ? How could it have changed my life permanently or otherwise . I nearly did something stupid once southern bypass nika sema hizi hasira wacha niache ! and once even punched a matau driver in town I was so mad I seeing red good thing the chap was a coward or else I don’t know how it would have ended ! Just breath after 5 minutes you won’t even recall it !

Siku nyingi makes me feel important bado nakumbukwa