never meet an online date at your 'local'

today i just want to rant uselessly. Juzi I got a request for friendship on tagged. i was not that keen, but I checked her profile. she looks fine and polished. in the chat, I learnt she is from my hood, and without any commitments, we decided, a cold drink on the way home is fine. In my quick thinking, I changed the venue from my local to a big mall, even if I knew the drink would be pricey. my date was those desperados, she was there 30mins earlier. me arriving, I could not recognise her, so, I rang her number, and when she picked I almost pretended its a wrong number. a battered post wall appearing like could be the daughter of the late Francis Lotondo (no offence meant). I sat and ordered my drink (one only), which I could not even finish in peace as the new date was talking of how weekend we will be doing drives in and out of town, and how she will delete her account tagged. I thanked God I had not taken her to my local, ningejichomea mbicha baya sana. that extreme postwall needy calibre, but with such highly photoshopped photos online. from the way she spoke, I guessed she could be a talker, and for that matter, I refrain from posting her photo on this post. always meet an online date for the first time in a territory no one knows you, or avoid where she suggests altogether and take her to where she is not known. i figured that the bitches will take you to a venue they have a crush too, just to show the crush they are in demand too. you think you have a catch, yet you are just a prawn at the end of the rod being used to make another guy envious. I showed her the following day over text, It was a pleasure meeting but she is not my match.

Hata picha ya Big Mall hatujakataa

Picha ya solo drink pia will elate our mood today being a Friday…


Shame on you for how you treated me. And borrowed slices immediately then now you saying am ugly? next time u r not gonna be so lucky


Paragraph muhimu. Elders are straining their eyes kusoma. Kwani huko shuleni mlikuwa na mfunzwa nini. Ama Kazi ilikuwa kufukuziwa school fees.

:D:D:Dni postie picha za @TrumanCapote nijue iyo malaya mzee mzuri

Madhe ni aje na iyo collapsed doggy. When I hit it from the back neighbors will think youre dying because you shall scream like a dying cockroach.

Slayqueen alikula free food and drinks na akaponyoka bila kubomolewa na Beta male.

Wakora wa Kenya kweli wamehitimu

Ghassia umeishi huku na hujui kuweka paragraphs?

Alafu ata picha ya Betty Kyalo hatujakataa. Elders cannot relate to this story at all bila effidense.

you will probably be dying wewe ndio utakufia juu. ama unasimama wapi iyo style

Am hitting it from the back. While pulling your hair and spanking that nonexistent ass so hard and shouting you may think am riding rodeo.

sounds like that needs cameras right there and another talker as the producer of that set

If that talker is a female sina shida, yeye poa atapatiwa her share of action.

The worst hekaya of the year

Ni uwesmake

Uko na ukuku


:smiley: You said you were a postwall mama, then on another occasion you said you were bisexual (your words not mine). Wadau hapa might be sliding into your DMs en masse only kujipata rainbow coalition. Wadau, exercise caution.