Never Marry or Get Serious with a Lady Older or Same Age as You

Alert! This is a long thread.

Most of you men here know this already. However for the few that do not, I am going to explain why you should never marry or get serious with any lady that is older than you, the same age as you or one that is not in her early twenties.

You see that girl you schooled with that you thought was beautiful and had a crush on, in your primary school had already caught the eye of another boy. The boy could have been in class eight or even a high school and still this crush of yours could not help but fantasize about being held her hands, by the waist or even kissed on the lips in the dark or abandoned corridors of school. When it came to this boy she was particularly willing to go further and explore but when it came to you she was surprisingly shy to do things with you. Her raging and developing feelings are wild and this boy liked playing with this burning fire. He would kind of struggle and wrestle just to hold her from behind. His hands busy fondling her boobs and waistline. She already knows that this guy should not play with her private area so she would rather fight to keep his hands above her waistline. Her mind and whole body are taken over by this arousal wave and it makes her feel good. A feeling so unfamiliar to her. He kisses her neck and sparks tingles that leave her helpless and this boy now chooses to grab and squeeze her small but soft ass. She looses it and falls to the ground. You see this experience will stick with her that every Friday after class she would purposely walk to that corridor, she would ask for permission to go to the shop or conjure a plan to meet where there are no restrictions for both of them.

This is how most females, girls to be specific encounter their first sexual encounter for lack of a better word. It is almost always initiated by someone much older than them. The lucky few, get boys their own age and it will not be as thrilling as the moment they get touched by older boy.

Some of these older boys save much money than you her classmate. They can spend it on her there by making her on simple things and her heart and whole-being is convinced that she is loved. This girl will for most of her years turn down her fellow age mates without any consideration. Yes she may have a so-called-boyfriend, her age, but deep down her desire for older boys was ignited.

This is how girls/women are naturally inclined to dating older boys/men. You must have heard them saying it especially in our country “hakuna mahali tunapelekana na mtu my age ama younger than me”.

So let’s say you are above 30 as a man or even younger and you are looking for a lady to settle down with. I would advise you, without disregarding the Kijiji standards, to not go for anything older than a 22 year old girl. The women that are above your age and the same age as you have been in dating and hooking up scene and trust me, her mind has been blow away. Do you know how many men above 40 that are just have chums have laid the pipe there? Do you know how many men above 40 with a good sex game have repeatedly slashed and mowed her wild front yard? Ever since she completed her high school every man set their eyes on her. You also did but she may not have been available because she was always in demand.

This is the life of most women in the world we live in.

If you marry this type of lady, she would never be able to appreciate the things you do for her. Because from her experience someone did something much better and at that time she was really happy about it. You see, this woman has already been with so many men that were mostly using her and she will struggle to understand the kind of love you have for her. She will frustrate you and start a cycle of self-sabotaging behaviors that will put you off, pushing you further away. Where she used to be consistent, like texting back, cooking food for you, washing clothes and ironing clothes will become a problem. She will struggle with wifely duties and even more being a wife to you. This is not even the worst part. The worst part is the sex. The passion and frequency declines. You will have to start begging to make love. Her once burning desire for love making , trying out all positions an most of all stamina to withstand the woman on to position, lengthy doggie and legs all back to her ears doggie will evaporate. She will always opt for a lazy missionary and always complain about doggie -that you are taking long to cum. These women will kill your sex life at home. This is because she just got bored. You have nothing exciting to offer her like she was used to. Yes, you love her and have the man-power to drill but her walls have been addicted to only expense and lavish. She becomes unsatisfied by everything about you.

She was used to this type of sex only that some old man could also take her to the coast to some exquisite private villa with a pool by the beach or some private island at the coast of Tanzania. Her mind would be blown away and the sex though sometimes short, she would always get rich orgasms. Trust me she would not without fail orgasm. She would also not fail to squirt at the thought of the amount of money this old man must have spent to bring her to such a place. If she doesn’t squirt, just be sure that her poop hole would pulsate beyond the beating of her heart. This is what I call getting high with sex with a splash of luxury and pleasure.

So guys these types of ladies/women, surely and without a doubt will disappoint you. I urge you, if you have to be with them, do not get serious with them. You have a vision of where you want to take yourself and the woman you have but she will not be able to share the same passion for your vision as you. She will always question in her mind whether there will be enough money in that future. Her mind would tell that definitely not! So you have to stick to your vision and drop them. Do not try very hard to please them. You will break your back or have a burnout which will take time to recover from. Especially mentally.

To be safe, any man above the age of 30, if you are looking to settle and marry go for ladies from 22 and below. If you must, find yourself an 18 year old virgin and treat her right, wife her right. Separate her completely from the rest of the flock. The rest have already been bombarded by all kinds of experiences and exposures beyond their ordinary life. Why 22 and below? This is because with them everything you do will be almost immediately remembered as an act of love, you will then be able to live and experience and take her through most of her sexual experiences. Here you will need that man power. This one will not tire easily. So make sure every day you go hard at it. You will have a great life, a great sex life and a great quality of life. But ensure you are always stable and are providing as long as you have no doubts about her loyalty. The key here is keep her occupied as you both go through life.

If you are looking for fun these ladies older than you, same age as you and above 22 are the best. The first two, you can use their need to settle or find the right partner as an advantage and lead them on. You will have your cake the way you like it. The ones above 22 are still finding out what they want, and it can be anything. You can easily study her and blow her mind. They crave attention a lot - the good morning and night messages, her phone constantly ringing throughout the day and answering to “Hi babe” in the presence of her friends and so on.

All this has exceptions. There are ladies from their young age that were completely shielded from older boys. Grew up fearing older men, completed school and started working without entertaining the old fuck boys/men. Utmost, she could have tried dating and slept with a guy in his 30s or below. But she was used to men her age. I am not talking about mileage in this post. There are also those long-time sweethearts, maybe from kindergarten all the way and finally chose to get married to each other. There is this special category, the girl that kept herself waiting for the right man, her mind might not be pure but she is a virgin this one also passes as eligible for marriage. That kind of discipline will go along way in marriage. The other special category is the girl you started dating in campus, she came untouched, as the norm in universities, you deflowered her and also loved her. If you can, hold on to each other because this is the best kind of love you will ever have in your entire life. Try together to stay and marry her. But you know life is unpredictable. You may end up getting a job in Nairobi and she travels abroad for further studies. Then it ends just like that.

Honestly for me, I don’t know about you but for me finding the right partner to settle with, considering factors like her life family has no know disability or genetic disorder or complications is getting a lady that I will experience her sexual curiosity and develop it to her most comfortable and sometimes beyond what she is used to until she enjoys it fully. The rest that do not involve sex, she can be taught and she can learn. Honestly ladies if you don’t know as men yes we do love women that know their way and know what they want but when we get girls that are still curious, that sex is completely different.

To conclude, IF you have to CHOOSE your LIFE PARTNER choose the BEST. Don’t go for second hand used abroad, don’t even go for second hand used locally! Get the ZERO Mileage in the extreme either from DT Dobie or General Motors. You know why, because these ladies as they were growing they chose to live that kind of life instead of reserving themselves for someone special. Yet they still hoped to be bagged by someone completely unaware and unsuspecting! But unfortunately their tale tale signs of the live they lived always come to light. Do not be sympathetic in your choosing. Be ruthless and disregard any lady that is not to your liking or desire. They mostly are not worth your effort.

Men Let Us Love Ourselves by also be Intentional with how we choose our Life Partners.


Profound Thank you elder

Indeed it’s a long thread for intricate reading, I did lift a thing or two here and there and all I see is you defining a fairy tale. Like the older man who is going to marry this young girl will live happily ever after. What you don’t understand is that even in that situation, the honeymoon period comes to an end, and the goodness you get in small mileage is compensated by an immature thought process that comes with her juvenile brain. She will test you with her ideas, remember she is from a different generation from you, and that’s where you’ll decide whether you, the Alpha, will allow her to post videos of her breast feeding your kid on TikTok or make her a single mother by letting her go and going to look for someone with a little bit of more brain power but less thread down there



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Nice one… But it’s generally theoretical.

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Mkuu i agree with you.For me brains win over thread down there anytime.Staki ati when i die the brainless 22year old amekula pesa zote akauza assets zote the only thing remaining for her is to twerk on toktok at 2am with a paybill number on the background to feed my kids banae.


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