Never judge a book by it's cover.


Wanakuja @123tokambio .

never judge indeed…’s-books-book-covers.jpg

Excerpt from the book:
The Tyrannosaurus Rex had to be at least ten feet from head to tail and stood six feet high at the hip. It was partially covered in green plumage, filament-like feathers coating its underbelly and flanks. Drin knew this indicated that it was an adolescent; it would be attempting to mark out its territory, making it violently aggressive.

Drin screamed and cried out for the big lizard to let her go or just kill and eat her, either of which would be preferable to being torn apart by its cock. There was no response from the creature save for a gentle lowering of her body toward that massive phallus.

naweza pata izi vitabu wapi boss?

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