Never help women

There’s a kunguru I met at a business function a few months ago and we exchanged numbers. She has a slender figure just the way i like it and seemed to have her shit together.

About a month ago, nikarusha ngeli, and we’ve met a couple of times and spoken intermittently since then, but slices sijapata.

Fast forward jana, the kunguru calls me and tells me she needs a favour nimsaidie 6k ajaze alipe rent juu salary imechelewa. I gave her some excuses and promised to get back to her if i get the money but i ain’t planning to do so.
We all know kiendacho kwa mganga hakirudi and that the money would never be paid back if I was stupid enough to help her and neither would i get slices.

In my experience, helping women is counterproductive if you want to get in her pants. Women don’t like to be seen as whores and will feel pressured into sleeping with you if you’ve helped them.

That’s what beta males don’t get…never help women. Be unreliable.

Hii si hekaya. No hekaya should end positively. Meffi

Have you ever realized the favor requests start flowing in the minute you start expressing your naughty desires? Never express your intentions to a woman who is not within reach. Otherwise, she will reach into your pocket as you watch helplessly.

mimi sioni mahali amesema ni hekaya…just a piece of advice

By the way just refusing to help a random kunguru tells her a lot about what type of a man you are.

finya L1 triangle.sprint speed yangu ni ya gareth bale.

Hio lazima ulearn the hard way. But I suspect for some it’s a shit test. Once you confirm you can dish out cash it’s two options depending on the girl: she will hold out more while dangling the cookie or fuck you to get more money from you.

Only desperate men care what a kunguru thinks. Atakunyonya pesa without giving slices while the guy fucking her will have easy access.

Mwambie akuom muongee akikuja kunyweni mzinga ya hunters akilewa mwambie Monday atapata hio pesa . tomba yeye . Monday mwambie cheque haijaiva , Friday mwambie cheque ili bounce akuje mutoe sorrows na mzinga ya konyagi . circle iendelee .

That is a tricky situation, you send the money and you will never get it back or worse is she will also stop all communications with you. On the other hand, you don’t send the cash and she still drops you citing your refusal/inability to help her. Keep your hard earned cash, either way she gonna drop you and u still have your

Never ever chase women, work hard create an interesting lifestyle and they will come to u. Yes, they will come. Once u chase a woman you unknowingly place yourself in a vulnerable position where you have to play by her rules to access her reproductive resources. Kama ni kunguru hardcore atakukamua proper kama vile @uwesmake hua anararua momos

kuna kunguru niliambia… janyway it’s too specific. iwill share next year

Good advice villager.Chukua mkate na maziwa hapo kwa duka… na ulipe.

Mbirrionaire hatakangi upuss ya slay queen. Mtu akule bitter herbs in peace si kusumbua alpha male with petty problems.


What an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see standing up. Umenena ango.


lazima utete mrefu mwenzako?

And the genius fisi trophy goes to you. Big up, this is the way to go!!!

Hata ile kuzoeana ya kawaida tu they take advantage.

Why do men feel obliged to give kungurus money ‘I gave her some excuses’ if you dont want to give her, say it upfront - sikupi pesa unless we screw. If she needs the money katakua kuma fullstop.