never forget

U can never forget the first pokoste you fucked when u started ur whooring career u can remember her smell her dress code her words it will stick with u [ATTACH=full]275501[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]275502[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]275503[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]275504[/ATTACH]

university of nairobi whores ndo walijaza koinange street them days…

kalikuwa ka 1GB kamahamba yelloyello. I fukt rhat pussy so hard hadi nikajisahau nikatoa nguo zote nikamwambia atoe zote pia tudarane. Aah, the naivety of youth

Mimi sikumbuki

Hii maneno nimeskia kwako for the first time.
I can’t even remember these details of the chik I first fucked ever alafu except me to believe one would remember ya pokoste…
That’s more of a crazed obsession

around year 2015 I was a taxi driver doing uber manenos, being a new driver i preferred working at night. I met this Ugandan petite prostitute, she would call me take her to various places in nairobi like sankara, vineyard, intercontinental and many others. We become friends such that she would tip me handsomely and some times we would work on credit. I kind of liked her and her stories of the previous night how she fucked a minister. How a senior govt guy was so insecure that he would follow her to the bathrooms. She even showed me her family photos back home she had a daughter and owned a 2007 toyota corolla. She would tell me ‘Never admire what other own for you do not know what they do, in this little whoring I do, the trick is to smell good and let men admire you’. Then there were nights she would make no coin, she calls drunk and complains how a dude was salivating around her and only bought her beer. That the closest I have been to a whore. What I hated about her is leaving her perfumed jacket in my car.

Tom bayeye: Mi nataka ile style ya dogi
Big a$$ pokoste: si nitakumeza wewe kijana mdogo
Tom Bayeye: nitaongeza 20 bob basi
Big A$$ pokoste: umekuja kutomba ama kubargain?,panda haraka kuna mtu anangojea

sijai skia kiwaru while thrusting at the same time.Dresscode ilikuaga ni ma dera alafu perfume zile ndogo za dubois street na keja ikinuka incense ya wahindi unaenda home ukinuka miujiza

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Just said you furked her.

Iyo ni uongo kuna mmoja unakumbuka for ur life time

I just remember if it was a bomb pussy or not but hizo sijui ati unakumbuka till nguo alikuwa amevaa na smell ya perfume yake hiyo ni zii

But still there is a momery there