Never felt so embarrased

:eek::D:D:D:DNimecheka hadi nikapata balancing tears

I’m gon send it to a married friend at night and caption it ‘prayer to start your day’ ndio aifungue morning kama bado ako kitandani na wife, just after kuzima alarm…

unfortunately for me am yet to slay the queens…i couldn’t do such injustice to the face i 've attached to your pseudonym in my heads:(


which stuff so that we can be on the same page

mimi huwa nadownload, lakini nitacheza jioni nikifika home

hii video niliwahi tumia nikiwa na waheshimiwa. had to apologise then looks for an excuse to leave. aibu tele

Shait! The same applies if you open it in an office na labda sitting ni ile open plan. Balaa nakwambia

There was a time my whatsapp, telegram and facebook apps were x-rated…i could login to none while in a public place…nikaona ni slavery nkajitoa hizo groups na kudelete all downloaded media pamoja na telegram app

Leta hekaya.

Talkers are very slow indeed.

Any video ranging between 9 seconds to 15 seconds whatsapp nainoneanga mbali sana.

Na ziko mooooob!!!

:D:D:D Unastuka unaongeza volume


Before playing any clip just plug earphones ata kama huzitumii

Nyinyi mlipata nice ones. I got one of a goal watu kwa stadium wakicheer.
However there was no sound so I increased it thinking it was low coz the caption said “the commentary +a laughing face”. I thought I might as well listen.

Sauti ya ngono nayo… Nonsense!

:D:D:D:D. Funny pole Kwa yaliyokupata.

Hahahaha you must the guy who had to make a PowerPoint presentation in a room full if executives and yiur autocomplete suggestions in your address bar far.kd up your day. You started typing something only for a never ending drop-down belt of suggestions starting with… sijui oiled assesCant remember the character but nilicheka sana…

This must’ve been in klist or early ktalk. Still very funny to date:D:D

My phone’s volume is always zero.