Never Ending Graft

Graft is now Endemic in this Nation …
Sad indeed …:(:(:mad:


Someone please tell me what’s going on?

A snitch is snitching on maneno haimuhusu, what’s wrong with me giving a cop 100 when my tire is worn out and am going to nairofi to buy another one instead of giving the court 20k and that money will be spend by already overpaid brats?

Cops just grew smarter …
The have sub-contracted “revenue collection” to “employee’s” …
That way , if they get busted , there is no evidence on them … :smiley: :smiley:

This “Maneno” inamhusu, pia wewe na Mimi inatuhusu. You can’t reason like this, it has to be the most stupid thing I have read in a long time. No wonder you die like rats from road accidents.

They have probably not heard of Section 6 of the Bribery Act, No 47 of 2016.

Receiving a bribe

(1) A person commits the offence of receiving a bribe if —

the person requests, agrees to receive or receives a financial or other advantage intending that, in consequence, a relevant function or activity should be performed improperly whether by that person receiving the bribe or by another person;

the recipient of the bribe requests for, agrees to receive or accepts a financial or other advantage and the request, agreement or acceptance itself constitutes the improper performance by the recipient of a bribe of a relevant function or activity.

in anticipation of or as a consequence of a person requesting for, agreeing to receive or accepting a financial or other advantage, a relevant function or activity is performed improperly by that person, or by another person at the recipients’ request, assent or acquiescence.

(2) For purposes of subsection (1) (a) and (c) it shall not matter—

if the recipient requests for, agrees to receive or receives or intends to request for, agree to receive or to accept the advantage directly or through a third party[/B]; or


Wacha polisi watafutie watoto unga bana

And what if you have a tire burst and cause an accident?

Mimi hakuna kitu nachukia kuliko kuona mtu akiendesha gari usiku bila headlights.
Ama wale hutumia headlight moja alafu unadhani ni nduthi kutoka mbali.

We are overpopulated , the more ghaseers die through stupidity like tire burst because a corrupt afisa closed one eye the better for the country

What if that ghaseer is your son, daughter or mum?

judging police coz we take different “bribes” from them.

let’s also condemn those who take bribes to move a document from one office to another or who have to open a locker to get your file, those who take bribes to give jobs/tenders…, those who sell 900g in a 1kg packet or sell donkey and say its beef, those who take matatus then buy a receipt and bill price for a taxi, …
the list is endless.

what the police are doing is bad, but what we all are doing is bad.

Most of these “ghaseers” will end up killing you after their tires burst.