Never be alone anywhere with ANY man even the pope can rape you

When will women stop trusting men ati pastor… Mwanaume ni wale wale. Fisi. And if they can’t get it out of you by treachery and manipulation they will use force. Or throw you out of a window. Satan is real in this monkeys. Stay safe. By the way nowadays even in public you are not any safer.


It’s wise to give a 50- 50 balance btw negative & positive messages.

Ninashuku hata IBILISI MKUU huwa ana tafuta break kidogo from his/her busy schedule na ku have fun, sembuse wewe.


Show me positive messages or posts in this forum or section and I will listen to you.


Satan chooses women too. We see every day crazy things happening, done by women.

[SIZE=7]it’s a crisis[/SIZE]

The over generaliziation of Men is too much. Women too commit crimes for the sakes, just greed. Women too can be psycho…it’s called being a human being. The environment your brought up in determines a lot of your future character. Why so much hate for the men? I know very good men out there doing great things with the people they love. Men with integrity who wouldn’t cross some lines and are loyal to the ones they love. Shida ni nini with always trying to throw shade at all men. Sema tu some men,just as we say some women

I am not throwing shade. In Kenya we have had recently 3 cases of women being thrown out of windows for refusing to have sex with men, others are raped.

All I am telling women is that you don’t know who is evil and who isn’t, so don’t give any man the opportunity to harm you. Don’t be alone even in an office with a man. Remember the girl thrown out of the an office window who men were vehemently defending?

You better be paranoid than be sorry bcz noone comes with a sign on them to say that they are harmful. Rape harms women irretrievably. Being thrown out of a window can kill, disable you and give you psychological issues and phobias. Just assume all men are guilty and don’t put yourself in a situation to be a victim. For me I have a very sharp knife in my desk incase any man I may be alone with in the office after hours thinks of trying anything I just go for the jugular for maximum damage and he will be too busy trying to stop the gushing blood to bother with me and I will be able to run out and escape kesi baadae. Defending my body and sexual integrity is reason enough for me to kill. If I have been keeping myself why would I allow a man to take away from me, something precious that I have protected all my life? Bodily integrity is worth ending a man’s life. You can’t take away in a few minutes what I protected my whole life. I better finish you and look for Ombeta later. His life and my sexual integrity can’t be retrieved once gone. So if it’s his life or my body I will choose my body I don’t care how many kids he has. He should have thought about his children before he tried to take my body without my consent like it’s worth nothing.

does that include your brother father and son? stop blanket judging… people are different

In a rational man’s world, there are only 2 types of ladies, he can have and the once he cannot have. The once he cannot have will include his relatives and family. All the others fall into the second group, and he is just waiting for them to come with in his range

I know people are different and also that people can act differently with different people. Some very wicked people love their moms and their kids and would not harm them.

What I am saying is do not put yourself as a woman or your kids in men’s presence alone. There are many women defiled by male relatives including brothers, fathers and uncle’s. Even workers, Michukis daughter was molested as a kid by their gardener. The best thing to is avoid them being alone with any males. It may appear paranoid but better safe than sorry. Imagine saving your bro from jail and your kid from trauma by just doing this one thing.

To some men even relatives and daughters are in the second group.

I think men too should treat any woman suspiciously for she could be hiring thugs to kill you or planning how to exterminate you. We should assume all women are guilty too. I’ve noticed a situation where men avoid closing office doors when they have female clients to avoid being wrongfully accused of sexual abuse. But to what end? Paranoia will somehow harm our society. Generalization is harming the perception of men, women, tribes …about other groups. Sometimes as a man you get eyed wrongly and feel like you are about to be charged for nothing just because. Yet you can’t even harbor ill intentions that you’re being suspected of. It’s a very bad feeling. It’s not safe even being around women. You don’t know what case will catch you. Sick society.

I’m not an expert but in all instance, and i have watched many documentaries. When someone is recalling a very traumatic event in their life, they usually have this sad, gloomy expression, which sometimes shows pain in the face. No matter how many years it has been, human beings ALWAYS show pain when narrating a genuinely painful event. Huyu anapeana story ni kama bano anakumbuka vyenye walikuwa wanahcheza.

Kuna kitu huitwa defense mechanism where when you feel uncomfortable about something you smile or chuckle nervously. The ones faking it are usually the most dramatic ones in showing sad emotions.


False equivalence

Give one equal equilvalence. Many will always paste men as beasts yet on the opposite side there are worse.