Networking gurus, help a layman

How do I go about changing IP address from my PC or have multiple IP addresses? A friend thinks by using different modems or changing sim cards for the modem works, but am not sure. I had tried using hide my IP software but it expires after 8 days only, also shows IP za majuu.

The only thing you need to master is the Default Gateway (offered by the modem/router/Ethernet switch), Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server. The last two you’ll get them from your ISP.

The computer IP can be changed periodically as per your preference.

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Sande sana @Chloe. I clicked on the link and it’s of great help.

Who is your service provider?


Unless you use some app for that or even tor, I believe saf uses dynamic IP addressing.

Loose that title. You are not ready to sit in a table of VEs.

Are you saying that if you use saf then you have a specific IP allocated to your number so that, say, is your IP?

All you need is the Default DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server from the ISP the moment you have those the better. You can play around with your IP Address as much as you want.

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Hehe…I thought this too. The time you’ll be required to log in a site where ur IP is being monitored ndio utajua it doesn’t necessarily work

This is what you use as the Default Gateway in case you’re using a modem. When connected, the modem has its own Static IP, use that as the Default Gateway, but play around with your comp IP, let the Subnet Mask remain Leave the DNSs blank and you’re good to go.

When connected try to edit that.

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Do you have any idea of what you’re talking about?

Personally i want to share my wifi with a desktop computer using ethernet cable from laptop to pc…ndio i share iyo net from laptop to pc
Suggest those configuration settings…

Please table your version tusaidike pia

what do u want to achieve

Wish to connect to net and update some softwares including antivirus…before i buy me wifi adapter

If basic network is an issue, sembuse wisp. That’s why I didn’t reply cause you have a lot to learn.