Netflix wamenukisha otunguu na hii series


Currently watching it… But using STREMIO TV


A whooping 5 women in the lead character, and 3 men. Sorry, but experience has taught me not to take seriously such kind of flicks.

Umama mingi makes these thri

Umama mingi makes it very boring. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Loll. Haven’t watched the series but this message is approved…

its a good series watched the initial 2 episodes na ni poa…

I gave up in the second episode.

nili download but sijawoch bado

Won’t watch

Currently na watch Ozark,best series according to me.

Ruthie my favourite character


It’s like a 4.5/10.

Real men dont watch series…hiyo unawachia idle women…they watch that shit wakiwa hata jikoni wakipika…wanaume mzoee kuona news na porn

This Should Be On A Billboard Somewhere.

Ango, Netflix imekua cheap sana nowadays…lipia tu

Mimi netflix na watch bloodline pekee ata naona nikicancel subscription

A man of culture

Iko na porno?

Looks like some woke crap though have never seen the value of Netflix.