Why do people pay subscription fees for Netlix and even some pay for VPN to watch US/UK movies on Netflix while there is Putlocker which free,downloadable and even has wider and most recent variety?



hata mimi niligundua with good net unawatch kila kitu kwa site free ama una download pirate bay. netflix nilichuja

can’t relate


Ads and being redirected to stupid sites.

I’ve been using adblocker since 2012. niliingia pirate bay after kuformat computer karibu nitoe machozi.
moral of the story: tumia adblock

tumekuwa tuki survive tangu 2002 bila Netflix

Mbona utoe machozi??

Ilipelekwa kwa fundi atoe virus minus cash

Peasant logic

Convenience. I know everything about getting pirated movies but I still pay for Netflix

I prefer the old fashioned way of downloading my movies, watching them, then later on when space is running out I delete old movies

load of ads and strange gifs. redirecting URLs etc.
inasumbua bila adblock


vile @sure sure amesema

Free things are not always the best. Sometimes we prefer quality things. Netflix is kind of like dstv to some people, they do not want any shit to do with putlocker which to them is bamba. Maybe you have never checked out netflix and that is why unasema putlocker na netflix are equal. Netflix is dedicated to movies and series. They basically produce these series. All the movies and series on netflix are firsthand, they werent downloaded from some random websites and have permanent chinese subtitles. Just get wifi and subscribe to netflix. netflix is available on smart tvs which makes it even better because you do not have to go to some website to watch tv shows. This is just my opinion man, do not judge me.

This is what is going on incase you do not know. Have you ever heard of something called piracy. Putlocker is an illegal site that has been banned in some countries eg the UK. Even if you access the website you will be shown a dialog showing that hackers and robots have been trying to shut it down. Some of us do not like doing illegal things because we are good people. Do not tell me that no one is good. It is just that netflix is the legal way and we like legal stuff. By we I mean me and those people struggling with netflix. Netflix is an app, putlocker is not. It is sometimes about reaasoning, these websites are known for stealing private information. What would someone get for giving out movies for free.

This are websites that steals your private information: Facebook, netflix, google, etc etc,
Piratebay, Putlocker > netflix