For the life in me I cannot understand why people beg/ask for another person’s netflix details so as to watch series ama movie.

Netflix only cost 1K p.m for standard package and you can watch it on your phone or laptop In case you don’t have a smart TV.

So is the issue paying the 1K p.m. ama lack of alternative means of watching it

If someone can’t afford 1k for subscription, internet/data atatoa wapi?

You would have done a good thing if you would have texted them the above message baada ya kuleta makasiriko huku

watu huwa wapendi kutumia pesa yao

Hence the title RANT.Even with a cheap infinix phone you can download netflix app,provide your account details and enjoy a 14 day trial…si kusumbua hapa watu na vitu ndogo

Si hawana netflix. You are living among peasants. unajifanya tu unaweza afford. quick mazematics will tell you that they are saving the 1k and you are borrowing to pay for it.

Borrowing from who exactly?So it is better to leach of other people?Surely 12K p.a. ni pesa kidogo…I’m sure you spend way than that in a weekend entertaining yourself

Honestly, what is on netflix!! my siz subscribed on my behalf and paid for 2 months but after the period elapsed i didn’t not see the value for it…

tulisema nn kuhusu torrents

How did you pay for 2 months yet they deduct on a monthly basis via debit card provided…Anyway,watch last dance ya Michael Jordan

Wasee wengi wangekua wanatumia netflix except that their data compression technique requires some help. A 40 minute 1080p video inafukuza almost 1GB


I assume we’re using homefibre

Is this directed at the person who asked to share your Netflix? You could create an alternate account and charge them.
Anyway, the 12k peanuts to you is heaven for somebody else, usidharau.

Eeeh, hebu fafanua hii kitu nielewe vizuri mkubwa.

Ni pesa mingi kwa watu wengi

My siz used her card to subscribe and the deducted from that card for the period she was here…

It’s not for everyone. If you like papa shilandura and vitimbi you might not find value.

Torrents ni za ngwati.

subtle diss,lol!

If have not watched local tv in a long while… as long as i have my Internet is stable a tv is of no use for me.