Netflix ruining He-Man

Bait and switch.

Started with this awesome trailer to lie its about he-man.

Then later on showed us its all about the strong man looking lesbian. He-man is a passenger in his own series.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

I’m not even surprised anymore. All our childhood heroes and villains have been feminized by Hollywood. Even vampires and werewolves have feelings now.
Interesting times.

Sad times ahead

Such a shame. The animation is so good and the soundtrack seemed great.

I cancelled Netflix from my residence. Better to rip DVDs the old school way

For real for real.
I have the 1983 filmation version of he man on dvd…tamuuu sana…cant get enough of skeletors humor and disses…na hordak jeh?..kali sana.
She ra natafuta mos mos i got like 6 episodes.
By the way these new editions are so damn wack kwanza she rah.
I feel you guys kabisa kabisa.
Same applies to music…the golden era was the 70s and 80s.

wasi homosexualize/feminize hii Gargoyles plizzzz, watusamehee tuuu tafasali

Hollywood lazima wata homosexualize hii series. Kwanza hawapendi kuona strong straight male.

wait… heman is going woke??

:D:D there’s no way … But what if Goliath and Elisa have a baby boy ?

nigga wamereview bomb the tomorrow war to oblivion… juu chris pratt apana tambua homosexuals

U know Nazis never used to entertain drunks,gays n etc. They hated the untermenschen

This is why we should ignore pro critics. Hawa watu wanataka lgbtq and feminism lectures ikuwe kila mahali. They did the same thing to joker movie hadi wakaandika fake news in mainstream media claiming incels watakuja in theatres to kill everyone.:D:D:D

Hao walikuwa wanajua what they were doing. Uliona vile walilemea several European countries in two world wars.

They did indeed know what they were doing, and if they succeeded none of you would exist in their conservative utopia.

Their beef was with jews sio sisi waafrika.

Hitler’s beef was with the Jews. The goal of the Nazis was to establish an Aryan empire. There was no place for blacks in that empire.

Aryan empire in Europe. He was never quoted saying the world.