Netflix puts woke employees on notice

Wameambiwa moving forward hawatakua wanabembelezwa kama watoto. You come to work and we pay you, we’re not responsible for managing your fragile feelings. It seems Netflix is waking up too late after the mass cancellations and massive stock decline they’ve witnessed recently. Hatuwezi kubali 99% ya content ikue na gey chieth every 5 seconds. It’s crazy that this woke nonsense has gone on for so long. Next tutaangusha Disney, the company seems to think it’s too big to fail.

I canceled mine because there was just too much Hio wokeness will hurt more than it will help

Siku hizi hakuna show ya US/Hollywood haina u*hoga. Unawatch show ya savages kidogo unaona season 1 episode 9, storyline ndio hiyo watu ni sukuma wanapanda.


Bana sometimes unadai kuwatch kiadventure au action thriller movie urelax kiasi mamorio wanakiss wtf movie haita kuwa the same tena. Or ka-feminism agenda au patriarchy oppression yenye haimake sense kanarushwa hapo. Ain’t got time for dat

Ongeza BLM tings. American sports is going down too.

Nothing wrong with BLM.

Guy has Lost the plot.

Massive scam

Most of you are just homophobes online but in reality you’re g.ay. it’s a terrible contradiction

People are tired of all the preaching and pandering. The Wire (a show with an openly g.ay main character) is one of the most beloved series in this kijiji. You know why? Because Omar Little is more than just a character insert or diversity checkbox.

Even Pacho Herrera in Narcos was gey lakini there was more to him than just kufunguana boot fwaaaa. The guy was ruthlessly efficient to the point of becoming number 4 in the Cali cartel, despite the mafia generally frowning upon such behaviour.

Herrera was bad news. He does bring the raw ruthlessness of the drug mafia to the fore. I wish they had not thrown in that homo shit into the show.
The same could be said of Cyrus Bean in Scandal. Great character, great acting, save for the stupid homo scenes some of us must ffwd through

NETFLIX deserve what is coming their way. Yaani in all teenage shows its mandatory that majority of the on-show relationships ni g*y.
Then there is always that character who its hard to know if he is a he or a she…ako tu somewhere between.
Then all couples are either seperated or divorced…hakuna a normal family of man married to woman with kids and the family is together.

Tangu Disney wafanyie Johny Depp ile kitu nmewachukia yangu yote. But uzuri lately naona MCU flicks zinaflop. More on the way to come. Na lazma Johny Depp arelease one more Sparrow flick

Movies za siku izi zimekua retarded mbaya sana. Vitu kama LoTR ni gem, no such movies being created. I swear its been a year since I last sat down to watch a movie.

Hio ujinga imefika kiwango ya even regular adverts/commercials kwa TV lazima, especially on CBS.

Sasa he was gay in real life ama ulitaka wachanga facts?

Pacho gay scenes were a real eyesore…umefanya nikakumbuka.
Bana hata Falcon narcos mexico…but yake haikuwa noma kama ya pacho.

It was bound to happen. The rest of the population have been silent for fear of being “cancelled” or being called bigots. But imefika pahali the nastiness and degeneracy ya hawa ma shoga na transchieths has become too much. Right now I guess not many people are scared of being called bigots. They can take their feelings and pronouns and shove them in their safe spaces

The Wire is a masterpiece ngl.