Netflix miniseries: Filthy Rich

It’s a four part series about Jeffrey Epstein.
This guy was as cunning as they come.
He had to be chuniswad skuma by some mbirrionaire so as to access his funds. He ended up defrauding the said mbirrionaire almost 100m dollars.
On this paedophilia exploits these guy abused hundreds of under age ngeos over a period several decades.
The cops and FBI were on his payroll and he roped in several prominent people like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Phillip among others. These are the guys that probably murdered him.

Just suggest the flik without spoiling it for guys who’ve not watched… Nd want to bwana…

@mtu ya turedio punguza pang’ang’a

Hii story ya huyu jamaa, kuna conspiracies zina sema he’s much alive and kicking.

There is much more in this story…much more. Hii ata sio summary ya summary mdau.

That guy had a mentality to win by any means. Even how he got his first two jobs.

He was book smart and in the right place at the right time. Just imagine being a failed mathematician or physicist in the 80’s and 90’s NYC at the height of Private Equity/Hedge Fund/Junk bonds and fall of communism. All he needed was money and his wit bequeathed him that.Everything else fell in line. Long Live Epstein.:D:D