Net imekuwa cheap ama ni nini?

Nacheki kampu zinauzia watu net 4-6Mb/s @ 1k-2k. Installation ni 2k na equipment ni zao.
Shida tu ni unanyimwa admin access to router yao. Tena hawasemi kaa ni dedicated ama shared.

Buy router yako kama unataka kuwa admin, anyway mi nalipishwa 1k and the network is really fast and stable

leta wrink of those godamn kampunis i need net bana

who is the service provider

Ni kampuni gani izi…

I don’t even know, perhaps maybe I inquire from the building caretaker… He is the middle man

wazi we uliza utupe info hapa

Weka info

net is the new frontier , yafaa peasants mulipishwe 100 bob a month

Uncle unaonea ball wapi?

per month, per week?

However, one problem I can see in future is the security of those networks. some might be able to snoop on your data now that every tom, dick and harry is setting up WISP businesses.

Shida ya hizi company ni very unreliable they come and vanish in thin air, although mambo na data privacy c issue sana huku mtaani

Nai pekee?? Or pia wako diverse

One benefit they have is since it is a campus they can buy one connection and just sambazia everyone with very little networking input. Definately, cannot be dedicated. Even if 100 guys select the provider that is already profit for them monthly. Plus if you cancel your subscription I guess they just take their equipment and install to the next room. 4 - 6 Mbps is good for a single user, just torrenting or streaming so I guess it is still a good deal for that price. Even if they guarantee 1mbps as most adverts just give you the peak speeds (4 - 6mbps) but the guarantee is like 1mbps.

Yes, there are. As a matter of fact, you have admin access to the modem (which acts as a router). With this, you can do quite a lot. You can, port forward, set static dns (basically making the router act like you have a public ip), you can even host your website on your network.
The upside is, the modem is yours so if you relocate and create another account, you end up with another modem, which you can pair with the previous one for other fancy stuff. You can torrent as much as your bw supports. You can do NAS. Installation is free at times.

Downside, it’s definitely not dedicated, so at times when all your neighbors are at home, you’ll have to deal with stuff like noise etc which impacts speed. The bw almost always fluctuates and it might go to as low as 0.9Mb/s.

Example I know of is zuku. I’ve not heard much positive feedback from the safcom offers which is slightly pricier.

I don’t know how they make money but basically in the long run you win.

Poa internet??