Nephilim and the Book of Enoch

I think all of us can agree on one point: some parts of the Bible were deleted. They were erased for reasons we do not know. This includes the Apocrypha books, and the book of Enoch, which tells about how human beings were taught the art of war and magic and beauty. It also explains the origin of Giants.
I cannot explain all this but there are some documentaries on the net, and the book is also available.
Hidden knowledge that is just fascinatingly scary.

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What for a very long time has baffled me is how people consume the scriptures looking for faults rather than anything else.


Stop stressing yourself.Most of the stories there are fictions anyway.

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Link to documentaries?

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This is a story of giants!


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watch Rob Skiba on you tube

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You can blame the Roman Catholic church for that. Where did they get the authority to delete books from the Bible as we know it?

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For those not familiar with the Book Of Enoch, Click here:

Story of giants ziko hapa

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there are so many lost books and editorials. a good example is the incomplete passages in the books of Kings and Chronicles. You will see many places with phrases like: aren’t the works of King Solomon written in the book of the Acts of Solomon…

the same way your local pastor can decide which verse will be read during preaching

The local pastor doesn’t stop me from reading the rest of the Bible outside of church. It’s not the same thing.


Technically it wasn’t called the bible until the catholic church decide to put certain books together as the bible in the Councils of Nicea & Laodicea (where they changed the Sabbath from saturday to sunday), where they chose not to put in some books.
But yeah, books from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi for example, make for very interesting reading.

I’m still psyching up to read Pistis Sofia & The book of macabees.