Nelson 'Greenhorn' Havi Squealing Now


Follow and laugh at the responses this whining fool is going to get all day, while the real senior counsel of Miguna-gate suppress their mirth.


Forrowing crosely… for the entertainment and gnashing of teeth!
Ole wake Havi!

Ati the law society stamp its authority :D:D:D
Anyways who is this Nelson Havi guy anyway?

The light is on lawyer Havi, and he knows it.


The other unlearned fellow, Hon. Otiend Amollo, is not faring any better in the Twitter skirmish:


They told lies before Odunga to obtain worthless orders, and now they try to claim that Matiang’i was wrong to defy such orders?

There instances I wish the clock can switch to 1975 then mtu ajaribu upuss tuone kama Judiciary ni mbinguni

Nelson Mavi you asked? I dunno

The squealing gets louder:

Officers at the Directorate of Criminal Investigation headquarters have summoned lawyers Nelson Havi, Cliff Ombeta and Kamanda Mucheke. But the lawyers have refused to honour the summonses, saying the matter is still pending in court. Havi, who accused the police of playing games, said claims of perjury had been peddled by government-linked bloggers and the move by the detectives did not surprise them. “We have told them we will not discuss an issue in court. Let them come to court and argue there,” he said

The DCI should have grabbed them by one of their balls.

Perjury is punishable by prosecution, they can only hide while the case lasts but they cannot run. A conviction could then open the doors to any willing citizen to have the greenhorn struck off the roll of advocates. If the greenhorn can lie in an affidavit under oath, how many other times has he lied in court or committed fraud during the conduct of transactions? How many clients has he lied to?

A businesswoman believed to have used forged land documents to keep off former Marakwet Mp David Sudi from his Ksh500 million worth plot in Nairobi’s Woodley estate has been charged with perjury after the high court dismissed a petition she mounted against her prosecution. Grace is a widow of the son of former minister, Stanley Oloitiptip, gave false testimony touching on Plot No. LR209/9749 in proceedings then pending at a civil court in the same case pitting her against Sudi.