Nelly Oaks

Yes. Nelson Okumu.

Ako biz huyu

Wera ni Wera, mboka ni Mboka.

Jamaa is always sitting somewhere waiting for akothees next heartbreak…

He’s a fence sitter or a spare key

That guy must have low self-esteem.

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Kuna elder alisema vile Luo ni simps. Check this one out. He will be dumped like a bag of potatoes the moment the hoe gets a better deal

not a bad fete kukula kuku na kifaranga ziko kwa limelight.

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Nikama Ako na mkia tight after Akothee akivaa dildo

Broke men are Simps. If he had money he’d not be simping. Nyway, Zakayo alisema wera ni Wera. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Huyu Jaruo takataka ni mbwa maraya. A man should behave better

Aren’t we forgetting that at this point it is Akoth who is looking for men and can’t seem to get a valuable one?

She’s having a hard time accepting the wall she’s now embedded in.

As long as you still have breath, you are still a candidate for chimpanzee loving. Btw the wall is a good thing bcz it means peace and no more drama with chimpanzees. Ni vile she is trauma bonded to men and she’s trying to create an environment to heal her emotional wounds. She should try therapy instead of all this drama in her life with men. Nothing is as peaceful as a man free life. It’s just the social brainwashing that you must have a man in your life. Remember that this lady was pg by age 14,she doesn’t know any other life. She doesn’t have the benefit other women have like dating after 18,giving the brain time to develop and your sense of self. She is a broken woman and it’s why she attracts toxic men in her life.

Yep this does make sense. Being paged at age 14 and selling P for survival really screwed her psyche. Let’s just say some people get dealt a hard one but also the positive is, Akothee has done more than 98% of people will ever do and her past pains have made her strong.

She is at a level where she needs a man to constantly nag & shit-test to an early grave. She can’t seem to find the right one though.

Actually if she got therapy she would be a very good partner. She just needs real therapy. The trauma in her past is the reason why she keeps getting these leeches like Nelson Okello aka Nelly Oaks. On top of everything she is still coparenting with the same men who abused and abandoned her like Vesha and the other one, plus her junguu baby daddies. She is actually a fantastic parent if I ever saw one. Yaani her exe dumped her to give birth in the streets and she still calls him for her kids graduation. Where can you find such a woman in this world, akuzalie kwa streets, akulele hadi university and kazi yako is to just show up at your kids’ graduation. This woman is one in a million. Super woman and with a golden heart. God bless her more. She deserves it.

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