Neighbour's wife returns after 12 years

A shocking but exciting event occurred in our village three days ago. A woman who had been separated from her husband for twelve years returned to her matrimonial home. The wife ran away from her husband and kids in January 2010 after a brief period of quarrelling with him. She first went to her parents home and spent two years there. After this she decided to relocate to Nairobi where she has been living and working, according to informed sources. She has been reputed to have worked as a barmaid for sometime. A few weeks ago, an emmisary from her parents home came and said they had been sent by her to express her decision to return back to her husband and kids. She left two kids who are now 17 and 15. The husband has welcomed her back and decided to bury the hatchet.

Funga lesso uwajoin and become their maid.


That is okay. Watoto wake wako hapo. Si lazima wakulane

Life lessons. Sometimes life is hard to swallow. You just pick up and continue where you find yourself.

Barmaid?:(:confused:wtf…ametumiwa kama tissue and now has no option or value thus seeking shelter from a stupid beta…chieth

Chief siku izi unakuanga na umama sana

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Uwesmake mgisu niaje

a whole birionea story za barmaids ndio ana scavenge

I am a member of nyumba kumi and I get to know everything happening in my locality

kitu yenye nimestuka hapo ni 12 years ago ilikiwa 2010

Where did he bury the hatchet?


abandoning 2 kids aged 3 and 5 warrants no forgiveness. angefaa akute mzee ako na a younger yerro yerro.

I doubt the peasant mzee could afford a young yero yero, ile kidogo alikuwa anapata ni chakula yake na watoto

:D:D huyo mwanaume ni simp kabisa akikubali hiyo upus…

Amerudi na cock stare mwenda…sindio?

This man must be a foolish, poor and peasant simp, how can a woman leave you for twelve years and accept her back, after she have tasted thousands of dicks.

vile mtu anafanyanga kama alikuwa na watoto wako unajenga nyumba separate yake. Na hao watoto utagawia wao hio section ya shamba.