Neighbours now thriving on our own undoing

Gatheca na Arap mashamba mjue binguni hamwoni .What you guys have pulled in ten years will never be forgotten.

If this about Uganda enjoying a trade surplus with Kenya last year,which is the first time in history it ever happened by the way.Its cause we imported a lot of Maize from them,our maize was in short supply cause of the drought.

Here’s a list of their top exports to Kenya

Coffee, tea, mate and spices
Residues, wastes of food industry, animal fodder
Dairy products, eggs, honey, edible products
Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products

Here’s list of Kenya’s top exports to them

Salt, sulphur, earth, stone, plaster, lime and cement
Iron and steel
Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products
Pharmaceutical products
Vehicles other than railway, tramway

You’ll notice that we export value added goods to them while they give as agricultural products and thus we make more money.

You do realise that none of those products we export is controlled by the common mwananchi .

When @Somali_Merchant started articulating what the future holds for Somalia, y’all rubbished him

Now I understand why the jealousy

You niggaz got nothing good coming for you …your wails know no night

Feeds prices na being shafted by akina cereal board

You mean the manufacturing companies that employ Kenyans and give farmers income? Some maybe owned by foreigners but it doesn’t change the fact that they contribute immensely to this country?

Look at this for example Bangladeshi firm breaks ground for Sh7.5bn drugs plant in Athi River - Business Daily

this pharmaceutical company will employ alot of people

I will say this, we could take it for granted, but our shilling is doing us BIGLY!
It is.
For more than 3 years, even during the election and turmoil-filled campaigning periods, the shilling has been sharking over all our neighbors’ currencies. It has been oscillating against the dollar but, curiously, it keeps on climbing against the ugx and the tsh. I am tempted to believe that Museveni and Magufuli conspired to have their respective shilling exchange at obscenely lower values in order to make their goods and services way cheaper, hence more attractive to Kenyans and others. COLD TRADE WAR.


And we have a Port? Gatheca must go but I Don’t know where.

We were helping your group of handles to smell the big mountains of feaces the Somali public has to clear from their nation first to create room for oil.

It’s a good thing to have rich neighbours !


Watu wakule ujeuri yao. Kenyans have the spirit of a Slave. They are spineless. They have no stand on anything. Good things belong to freemen, not cowards. Continue bowing down to a few families who provide your daily oxygen. Vitu mzuri mtazionea viu sasa. France is coming for its share

Ridiculous thing to say.
We export mostly manufactured items but that’s a bad thing because it is not controlled by ‘common mwananchi’?
If the US had that mentality, their biggest exports would be maize and vegetables not planes and computers.

Jikusanye ujiulize haya maswali.Yes we export.But who benefits most.How many people are employed in this big manufacturing industries in contrast to those who used to grow sugarcane ,rice ,do poultry, grow maize and benefit from both large and small scale agriculture .What has opening our borders in terms of trade helped that common man in uasin ngishu,nyanza kiambu and other farming counties .?


THey still sell raw soybean to China and Japan.

Small % of their exports.
Still, I’m 100% sure it doesn’t come from small scale farmers with quarter acre plots. Those are large industrialized operations.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? @patco (David Ndii) think for us here. What is your opinion?

We have flooded our markets with cheap imports at the expense of the drunk driver and the thief .If we have this manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies,how comes most of university graduates are unemployed ?Have we seen the use of the taxes they pay if we are always borrowing .Most university students who resulted to farming due to unemployment have nothing profitable to grow .Licences are expensive and constant harrasment from county officials when they result to other self employment activities.WE FUCKED UP AS A NATION are the words we should be saying.

There are many people employed in those factories.
Some of those factories further use agricultural products from farmers.
The more the factories the better.

In the US, one farmer feeds almost 200 people.
Here in Kenya, every third person is a farmer. When are we going to develop if people are not specializing into other disciplines? Are we in the stone ages?

If those farmers from Uasin Gishu and the rest cannot adapt, they should think of something else to do.

Read your sentence again.