Neighbors with Sick Minds- Magufuli

Tuchangamkie faida kwa kuwauzia chakula wakipigana

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has urged his ministers to “take advantage” of refugee crises and make money by selling food to international aid organisations.
The country hosts around 300,000 refugees, mainly from Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo, largely in three camps in the north-west of the country, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council.
Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Magufuli celebrated the signing of a contract to deliver 36,000 tons of maize to the UN World Food Program (WFP) for around Sh928 million ($9.1 million).

“These funds are allocated to help our refugee friends from other countries in conflict, it is our duty to take advantage of them,” said Magufuli in Swahili, to laughter in the room.
“We must take advantage of their problems. They fight at home and we get the money.”


Sokwe ya Gombe yeye!
[SIZE=1]mwambieni ataelewa. [/SIZE]

Wakenya wengi kama huyu mleta Mada ni Wajinga Sana,
Who is better, Tz supplying food or West supplying arms,?
Magufuli just spoken it out, Black and white, you may blame him for being undiplomatic but he spoke the Truth, Chaos and Refugees ni Biashara ya Mataifa makubwa
And that is the bussiness all over the world, from DRC , Syria to Libya and Iraq,

Meanwhile US sales weapons to Kenya to fight the so called Alshabaab which again is a Funded terror Group, Guess who funds? Unafikiri ni Nani huwapa Alshabaab those AK47?

Magufuli statement was Meant for Congolese to wake up and stop their nonsense fighting…