On my way to college and my neighbor who is suffering from a dry spell decided to bend over [ATTACH=full]27226[/ATTACH]

Rudi shule kijana, Wazazi na Taifa la kutengemea.

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This is more like high-school tumia muda wako kusoma chemistry na hesabu za distance speed and time…

amevaa mothers union…hkm!

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Even Kt-CSI cant be bothered to check where you stole thisboic from.
Not worth it at all


those are doomed parents and country kama tegemeo ni hili…


huko kwenu ni kuchafu aje?

…mkamba detected!

neighbours… Stick to british Englishtown


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fathom wewe

Hope that made your dick bigger, phew! Get something to keep u busy.

Pimp? What did we do to you to deserve this shiet? We will apologize

If she was suffering ungepeleka hosipitali …upuus

what happens when stupid kids steal their mom’s phone, end a maliza syllabus mbweha

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The comments! :D:D:D:D:D:D

You niggaz are jealous because you don’t get enough pussy

Define enough pussy