Negros shida yenu ni nini?

While your ilk are being treated as trash, nyinyi mko hapa mnajifanya virtuous :oops:. Kick those animals out warudi kwao waende kupigania their neo-nazi country, otherwise this is some piece of :meffi:. I am sick already from reading this. @Ndindu is exonerated.


and you wonder why black people are disrespected…


Ati zanzibar? Ki inchi hata akijulikani huku east Africa.Tanzania should annex this piece of plot they call a country.

unrelated, but nimekumbuka atwoli alikuwa na mboch kutoka ukraine

Wapi magufuli atusaidie na hizi shida ndogo ndogo

Ata ile bar ya Wanjigi ya John Walker ya 1M had Ukranian barmaids

The average negroe is a classic ass-licker.

The smart negroe only understands one language - GREEN.

I think too many negroes give whites special treatment for free and that’s where stupidity kicks in.

If you are not making money hand over fist, it is stupid to treat them better than Africans.

Mimi I wouldn’t have any problem discriminating against Africans if I owned a high end restaurant - for example. Obviously, I expect most of you to be bitter with this but I don’t care. There is a caveat though; for me to discriminate against African bonobos, I would have to be making money hand over fist from these wazungus to justify that decision. The special treatment isn’t free.

The problem with negroes is that they give special treatment to these caucasians for free and that’s fucked up and stupid.

Mimi I have always been Blunt even on Foreign forums. I throw nasty but frank comments huko Mail Online, Youtube etc. hakuna kunyonya mboo eti juu ni wazungu fvck them.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind giving special treatment to whites - for a monstrous payday. The treatment isn’t free.

Unfortunately, I see too many ghasias giving whites shit for free just for being white. Its stupid.

Arabs give whites special treatment. The treatment is fukin expensive and most whites cant afford it.

There is a difference between being a sucker and doing business. Arabs are doing business, Africans are just suckers - mostly.

Zanzibar is part of Tanzania.

Yet you all rely on bazungus,even for the air you breathe thats occasionaly polluted,ondoeni makasiriko na muendelee na maisha vile mumeizoea. Mtapata heartburn ya bure:D:D:D