Negroes destroy everything they lay their hands on

London 1950

London 2020

Absolutely disgusting, @Finest wine can you just pack your bags and stop contributing towards the decline of this once great country.

World morals shifted it isn’t about race.Early 20th century homosexuality was frowned upon,we have porn industry(is that a black mans creation)
Disco isn’t even traditionally African nor is clubs.
Prostitution,human trafficking, the very first druglords,mob gangsters.
Africans are a victim of a world order which erased many things with it morality.

Once upon a time England was a black Nation ruled by black Kings until the war of the Roses.

We wuz Kangz and shieeet

How comes if you visit any African village or estate or slum you will never find order? Maybe a park with flowers or beautiful trees along the avenues… Utakuta tu sewage kila mahali, a massive garbage heap full of rats and roaches… whether you are in New York, Haiti , Lagos or Murang’a… and the residents always blame “the others” never themselves.

Like you have said they are so called “victims”.

They will always say, “Ni gafana, ni MCA , ni Uhuru , ni hawa wazungu unajua tukipewa reparations za slavery na Mau Mau…”

They will even demand reparations from the fucking enemy. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Showing the enemy hamjiwezi at all. He won. He was right. He knew you wouldn’t survive on your own. Zero sense of pride, you have as Africans.

Anyway kwa hio story ya sewage hamwezi nunua a few bags of cement, some jembes, meet and decide this is where we will channel this waste… Oluoch, Mutiso and Mwangi you are mechanics you have some idea about how fluids flow, you will be the architects…

Or since the gafana does not want to deal with this garbage, Ondiek , Kamau, Mwatela what can we do instead of staring at it all day. Because staring is not reducing the heap size. What can we do as brothers united?

The Turkanas today have oil and water aquifers.

If all the white people and Chinese are removed from planet earth today hata miaka 20 ,000 ipite those Turkanas will never figure out how to extract that water or oil from that ground! Never ever.

Right now they are seated outside the oil base wakiulizana, “Kipkorir hawa Tullow sasa wameenda unaona nani atakuja next? Unaona nani ataweza hii kazi?”

“Kiprono mimi sijui wacha tungojee. Lakini China ni wakali, ingekuwa ni China hio mafuta tungekuwa nayo saa hii. Wacha tuketi tuone. Any day now, the new guys will arrive and we will be rich!”

All you said is true my point is,post slavery and precolonial black was a laid back individual not into party life,that is European.
Not talking about savvy flower gardens and parks,but in that we fail miserably.We seem to ape the worst out of people. First mob gangsters were European, then comes the nigga.This is my block and shit,Go back a few generations you’ll have,you guessed it a honest sharecropper or other oppressed hardworking man or slave.Further back just a guy in a village full of family where everyone knows and is related to everyone. Surviving,maybe but living,yes.

arguing with these two homosexuals is an exercise in frustration… niggas wanajichukia kama token niggas, always bending over backwards for their white man

I guess for you it’s easier to digress to insults when the truth is laid bare. Avoiding reality manenos.

blah blah blah shut up Patricia… tunakujua your input is worth nothing!

Huyo ni mtu mmoja aisee. Handle ndio ako nazo nyingi

Wah, you have have summed it up TKO style. Thread closed.

We trully are Bonobos

turkanas wana need gani for oil??? their way of life is not centered on trade ama mnafikiara purpose ya technology ni nini??

You are typing this because some mzungu invented computers and electricity. If we were to follow our way of life kamili bila colonization, we would still be living in mud thatched Houses for sure.

What vercetti is simply trying to say is that we have no capacity to imajin the possibilities that are below us.

The British were slaves to the Romans for over 400 years.

Every few years the Roman emperor would send his troops and they would take the finest English girls back to Rome. The young Briton boys,were forced to be mercenaries to die and fight in the frontlines expanding the Roman empire.

But you don’t hear the British today singing of how they were slaves. Of how a third of their population was killed by Roman invaders. In fact they deleted that history so that the Italians never take pride in it. And everything they learnt from the Romans the British flipped the history and said they discovered it on their own and that they learnt nothing from Rome.

That is how you disarm the enemy. You delete him. You don’t even mention his activities or his victories.

Let’s move on to the black man. For the past 150 years since the end of slavery the black Americans are still singing about slavery. As if they are the first slaves in history. Everyday they remind the white man that he is strong and has power over them. They African Americans have refused to be free!!

Come to Kenya… 50 years after independence unaskia tu bonobos, “Unajua mkoloni ndio alileta hii shida!”

Bloody fekking black man na si utatue hio shida??! Kwani utalia hadi lini?

Just because ocha kwenu kuna sewage na rubbish kila mahali haimaanishi ati hata kwetu kuko hivyo. Kwetu ni kusafi na kuzuri.

what about this: she is justifying open shitting

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D this conversation is hilarious…write a book about it

All you talking about how people with more melanin cannot manage anything are academic dwarfs. I bet you have never read anything since you failed your 4th form exam

The biggest hurdle to The Black man is lack of identity/culture. Most of us have an English name which we tend to be fond of to an extent some try hard not to identify with their second name. @T.Vercetti have you met a white man with an African name like Gitau Adams or Otieno White?

Mental slavery is what Africa and the Philippines suffer from, religion is the perfect mind control and Christianity has perfected it to new levels you have to stand back in awe as millions among millions take all their problems to “Jesus” who is white while blaming Satan who is Black.
Kick Christianity out of Africa, kick poverty out of Africa.