Negro is a bad manager (Part 3B)

Technically you can sail from Burundi to Zambia.
Also Burundi has nickel, Zambia has Copper and Cobalt. Zimbabwe has Lithium. Tanzania has Vanadium and a Port. The Great Lakes should be a battery production haven but we all know Negros are what? @Ndindu


Wapi part 3A

This reminds me about q certain article on a Maritime website where a certain mzungu suggested that the Great Lakes of E&C Africa should be turned into a transportation hub like the America Modwest. However, the comments were pessimistic about the actualization one of the reasons being the incometence of the ruling class in Africa.


I will post the qrticle once i get it. I deleted by browsing history.

And if possible create a locks system till the Indian ocean water transport is the cheapest it frees up capital to be used elsewhere in the economy

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3 billion

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lol. Pipe dreams. It is simply impossible to go from the Great Lakes to Indian Ocean by lock system.


The redtape alone would make sure your ‘sailing’ idea never sees light of day. Is it even marketed as a tourist circuit by said countries? That would be a good start.