Negotiate Only For that Part You Need

Marriage is a promise of a lifestyle. At times it is like offering a blank check/cheque. Better negotiate for a product and pay as per the negotiated price. When you feel like making love, negotiate for that part you are interested in. You need not own butchery in order to eat meat daily. Fuck on the move as a slut head! And, wear condoms and collect the condom after you. When you need babies, still negotiate and pay for their upkeep, not their presence around you!

Sande sana

Wisdom tupu. Asante

Is this ONE of the side effects of COVID 19?

We are working from home!

ni symptoms

Marriage is all perspective,unless you’re in it,you might as well discuss the nature and social migration of the afghan three toed lizard. Upuss tu

umemeza ile pill ya covid ama, umeongea kama wahenga sita… true wisdom there. kunywa busaa gorogoro mbili kwa bill ya uhunye